Reviews (Oct 2020) Reveal its Legitimacy. Reviews (Oct 2020) Reveal its Legitimacy. Reviews (Oct 2020) Reveal its Legitimacy. >> In this informative article, we will inform you about the legitimacy if an online shopping store offering home, pet and fashion essentials at huge discounts.

Do you wish to buy a perfect gift for your partner or looking to shop for some home essentials?

 Do you wish to buy fashion accessories like watches & bags? 

If these are the things that you wish for, then you might be searching for an online store bestowing attractive discounts and genuine products and services.   

Finding a simple website with desirable discounts is not an easy task as many scammers are waiting to fool you by offering high discounts as a bait. 

To provide you with useful assistance, in Reviewswe will talk about a website claiming to offer synonymous products at desirable discounts. 

We will talk about the authenticity of this website based in the United KingdomYou will also get to know whether it is a legit one or a possible source of scam?

What is website about? 

The is a digital shopping store where you can buy gift items, home essentials, pet toys, fashion accessories etc. All the products presented on this website are impressive designs. 

The website displays products such as the luxury rose teddy bear, the Ultimate Cuff comfortable Watch Band, water-resistant anti-theft backpack, portable paw pools, rust remover spray etc. 

Specifications of the website is: 

  • To search the website, visit the link
  • Website type: This website is an online shopping store offering home, pet and fashion essentials. 
  • The company name is Xehia trading Ltd.
  • The return policy of the website is of 14 days. 
  • The email address given on the site is
  • The company address given on the site is 159 Green Lanes, LONDON, N 13 4SP
  • The shipping time mentioned on the site is 12 to 20 days. 
  • Contact number given is +447482875871

What are the positive remarks of the website? 

  • The products exhibited on the site are available at an attractive discount. 
  • The products displayed on the site are in attractive latest styles. 
  • The website provides free shipping on orders costing above $39.90. 

What are the negative remarks on the website? 

  • The website does not exhibit any customer reviews. 
  • The website shows a copy paste work and irrelevant information on its About Us page.
  • The website is not a popular source. 
  • Product images displayed on the site are copied from other websites. 
  • The does not show its presence on any social media platform.
  • The prices for the products on the site seem to be unbelievable.  
  • Payment modes given on the site are inaccessible and fake. 
  • The website looks like a source of scam.

Is the website legit or scam? 

In the Reviewswe noticed that the Berry clap website’s domain name, i.e., does not correspond to the website name, i.e. Acetate. Usually, this is a sign that is observable on a suspicious website.  

Furtherthis website offers a limited number of products with no informative details. This again is a doubtful sign we found on this website.  

Accordinglyit can be expressed that the website appears to be a suspicious source.  

What are people’s reviews for the website? 

According to Reviews,this website does not provide any reviews for its products as it has a new domain name. Also, we found that people found the product prices displayed on the site were too good to be true. 

Further, the website displays a low content quality as it shows copy paste work, limited product images, irrelevant information due to which people found it to be doubtful. 

Then, it can be noticed that website doesn’t appear to be popular among people and hasn’t received any reviews. Accordingly, this website doesn’t seem to be value for money or trust.

Final Verdict: 

After digging into the Reviewswe realized that the website doesn’t have its genuine content, and everything displayed on the site is copied from another scam sources. 

Further, we could get many other scam signs like lack of customer reviews, no social media presence, fake payment icons, phoney contact information etc. 

This, the website, is a source of scam. Accordingly, we advise you to never purchase anything from it. 

Also, to ensure the safety of your valuable money, do check the reviews for a website or product before purchasing it. 

Dear Readers, share your opinions, reviews, experiences and queries about the website with us in the comments given below.

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