Tmeyerboys Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?

Tmeyerboys Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?

Tmeyerboys Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?   >> In this article, you will read about a website selling jackets and a variety of tools.

There are so many websites selling fashion and lifestyle products. But today, Tmeyerboys com Reviews presents, a website dedicated to all kinds of tools and Jackets to go with the tools.

So, read till the end of the articles to find out more about, their products, prices and everything else. 

What is is a website that would set the men in the United States drooling. You rarely come across one Website that sells all the tools you need for plumbing, gardening, lighting, hand tools, power tools and everything. This Site offers just that along with Jackets with toolsets as a package and unbelievably low prices.

However, before buying, we would advise you to proceed with caution. Tmeyerboys com Reviews has brought all the details you need to conduct your purchase from this new Website. So first, confirm whether is a scam and then buy.

Read along for more details.


  • Website type: Website selling tools and clothing like jackets.
  • Website:  
  • Delivery: 15-20 working days of order confirmation.
  • Delivery Methods: DHL.UPS.FEDEX.TNT, or the local postal service 
  • Delivery Areas: Only limited to major developed nations like the United States, Australia, and Europe.
  • Exchange: Not Mentioned in Website
  • Return: Within 24 hours for non-customized products. For customized products, unconditional return before production starts. Once an item is in production, no return is admissible.
  • Refund: Refund is provided if the returned product and packaging is not damaged. 
  • Email address: 
  • Payment accepted via PayPal and other cards like Visa, Mastercard etc. Refund only through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

The positives of Tmeyerboys

  • The Website has a variety of tools required for everyday life as well as for professionals.
  • The jackets on offer look not only fashionable but pretty handy and tough.
  • Unbelievably low prices listed for branded tools.
  • PayPal assures secure transactions.
  • Site has the https certificate and is not detected by any blacklist engine.

The negatives of Tmeyerboys

  • The Website has been operational from August 21st, 2020.
  • The products are not delivered to third world countries or regions.
  • The Website is very good for buying tools, but it has only jackets in terms of clothing.
  • There is no Customer review listed on the Site.
  • Also, there is no contact person, phone number or address listed.

Is Legit?

Tmeyerboys com Reviews found a lot of suspicious points when looking into the Website.

Firstly, to judge the tools and their listed prices, the offers are too good to be true. Each branded product, for e.g., DeWalt tools, are listed at only 10% of their actual prices. Such discounts point to a fake website.

Secondly, their PayPal logo seems to be a screenshot uploaded, as nothing happens once you click it. If you manually choose PayPal on the payment options, the Website says there is a login error, and you should change your PayPal password. This is a serious scam, as the moment you alter, the Site would capture your account details. 

Thirdly, the Website suddenly sprung into existence on August 21st, 2020. There are no social media pages related to this Site either.

Fourthly, the “About me” section is in their Privacy Statement Page, and it identifies them as a Chinese manufacturer of clothes! No mention of the tools that comprise 90% of their listed products on sale.

And lastly, no customer feedback section, no contact detail present on the Site. If you wish to contact, you have to fill a form that we did for clarification but are yet to respond. The mail id listed is also not very responsive.

What are Customers Saying?

Tmeyerboys com Reviews found customers from the United States who have suffered at this scam website’s hands. They had their PayPal hacked and had to lodge complaints. Several customers have stated that they could not order as the page kept asking them to update the PayPal password. 

We could find no positive review. One or two customers, however, have already called out the Website as a scam.

Our Verdict

Tmeyerboys com Reviews would ardently ask you to stay away from this website as it is not just a scam, it is a swindler website. This Site would hack into your payment wallets and steal your money. They may even trade your personal information online for cash.

Leave your opinions about the same below in the comments section.

0 thoughts on “Tmeyerboys Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?

  1. Thank you very much for the review. It saved my friend from getting scammed because I called it right away. It is a scam. Too good to be true…

  2. Totat scam. does not reply to inquiries about purchased items, they did not shop the product ordered, they did not email a receipt, and the transaction shows someone’s personal name on the transaction through PayPal.

    Do not purchase anything here! The prices are definitely too good to be true

  3. is a total scam, stay away!! I ordered 1 item from Tmeterboys) (a reciprocating saw) and was billed for 4 saws, from 4 different sellers, 3 in the USA and one in China. I tried contacting the site with no luck and then called PayPal. The PayPal agent checked the tracking numbers I was sent and found 2 were invalid and gave me refunds. The other two are pending, as PayPal has contacted the likely bogus sellers, and asked for an explanation. I then contacted my local post office, and gave them the three tracking numbers that claimed they were shipped to me via the USPS. The local USPS agent said although I was told I had recieved shipment of the items when I entered the codes, online, the local post office said their records showed the codes indicated that three packages were actually delivered to three other addresses in my area. Apparently Tmeyerboys has figured out a way to hack the USPS tracking system. In summary, give these crooks a wide birth, they are just scam artists!!

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