Folaya Com Reviews [July] Is it a Legit Business or Not?

Folaya Com Reviews [July] Is it a Legit Business or Not?

Folaya Com Reviews [July] Is it a Legit Business or Not? -> In the above article, you read about a website dealing with products of various categories.

During this pandemic, online shopping is the only option left with people to shop for their essentials. This not only protects them from the risk outside but also allows them to choose from a variety of options available from the different sites.

One such website trending nowadays is This article is also about Reviews, where you’ll get to know more about this website so that you can easily conclude whether the safe transactions can be done from this site.

This website is an online store dealing with offering options in various categories for sale. These categories include accessories, fashion, baby and nursery, outdoor heating, outdoor cooking, garden center, patio décor, and patio furniture.

The website is operated from the United States. People frequently search the site to know more about it and explore the options in the groups mentioned above. The site deals with various categories, which is thus a plus point for the same. Reviews will help you decide whether to place an order from this website or not, and can a safe transaction be done from it or not?

What is is an online website dealing with various categories, delivering the ordered product at your footstep at the best prices, as mentioned on the webpage.

The categories include Garden center, accessories, fashion, patio décor, and furniture, outdoor, heating and cooking supplements, baby and nursery products, and many more categories. 

The website is One Stop for all the options. They also claim to have the best quality products in all of them, which are unique and cannot be found on the other sites. 

Also, the website claims to have the best prices for the products. They do not compromise in their quality and try to give the best product to their buyers.

Below are some further points mentioned about the site, which would help you clarify the same.

Specifications on

  • Website: Deals with various categories, varying from furniture to fashion.
  • Email:
  • Address: 2411, Blane Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63123, US
  • Contact Number: 800-224-8317
  • Shipping Time: 5-7 Business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: $5.99, prices may change depending on the order.
  • Delivery: 7-14 Business Days
  • Returns/Exchange: within 10 Days from the date of receipt
  • Refund: Within a certain amount of days 
  • Cancellation: within 24 hours from the order placement.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, credit, and Debit Card

Pros of

  • Options to choose products from different categories.
  • Free shipping on orders.
  • Secure payment guaranteed by the website.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Cons of

  • COD not available.
  • Shipping charges deducted during cancellation.
  • Shipping charged to be bearded by the customers during returns.
  • Sale and gift items cannot be returned.

Is the website legit? is an online website dealing with products in many categories. 

But the authenticity of the website is a significant concern to be sure of before making any purchases online. This further ensures safe transactions, with proper security and risk of scam.

In the case of this website, many points are indicating it a scam. 

Firstly, the website was launched a few days ago. This is one of the main points that is considered in terms of being legit or scam. Young sites cannot be trusted. You cannot find much information about them online, thus reducing the trust factor.

Also, the website has not mentioned its policies clearly on the webpage. All the essential information that must be provided by a legit website is missing from it.

These above points thus indicate it as a scam,

What are customers saying about

Being a new website, Reviews are not available on the webpage or the other platforms. The site also is not on different social media platforms. Thus, it wasn’t easy to gather information about the same. Some of it found online is mentioned below.

Reviews found online are mostly negative, and people are not in favour of the website. They’ve mentioned that the products available on the site can be viewed on the other website as well, even at the lower prices. Also, they’ve written that products delivered by the website are not the same as displayed for the reference.

They are delivered late than the mentioned time. Returning the product or asking for refunds is also a complicated task on the website. Shipping charges for returning the order, which are to be bearded by the buyers, are higher than expected. 

All the above points thus reduced the trust of the buyer on the website, and they do not prefer it for any further purchases.

Final Verdict:

The website can be declared as a Scam. and it is not advised to shop from the site further.

The points mentioned in the article proves the same. It is not as per the standards set for the legit website.

0 thoughts on “Folaya Com Reviews [July] Is it a Legit Business or Not?

  1. is a fraudulent website. I made a purchase on this website thru PAYPAL. When I received an email from Paypal regarding my payment it stated the payment was sent to someone in China. I felt something was just not right as the website said they were located at 2411 Blane Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63123, United States.; 800-224-8317. I googled the address and it doesn’t exist, the contact phone number belongs to Direct TV. I called it and that is who answered. No email responses from the email address. I should have checked their information before placing an order but that is my mistake. This fraudulent website needs to be shut down. Please investigate this website and don’t allow more people to be ripped off by someone who has given false information to create a website to steal money. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me. Thank you!

      1. Get the package? I never even received an email from them with the order #. If you paid thru Paypal you need to report it to them for a refund. For more information view the video and comments for “folaya” on You Tube.

  2. Yesterday I made a purchase on this site and the transaction appears in my PayPal to ( and they have not sent me a confirmation number or tracking number. I have tried to call their phone number and all I can do is listen to a recording of offers that do NOT interest me. The system ( 800-224-8317) NEVER gave me an option to speak to a customer service representative. I reported the transaction in PayPal because I do not receive responses from their customer service. This site is a SCAM!!!

  3. Fraudulent website. I placed an order, but never received. No email responses and phone number is not their company. Called my hank. Charge was never received by my bank, but I closed the account, and ordered a new card, because they have my credit card number

  4. I also placed an order on June 25 and when I checked the website for order tracking, it still says PENDING. They have not charged me as yet to my knowledge. Luckily, it was not a real sizeable purchase anyway, but the item was EXACTLY what I was looking for at the sought out price. So I am a bit disappointed. I am also worried that my card will be charged down the line for something else. Does anyone know how to CANCEL the order?

  5. June 26th order placed and a confirmation email/invoice came with a heading ‘Magento’. Like others, phone number is useless. Email is useless. Contacted my bank since the online register didn’t show activity for this purchase. They confirmed no transaction was submitted (11 days have passed).

    Regarding PayPal, I have stopped using them for anything….they do not provide any easy or reliable method of challenging bogus transactions. Legit vendors are drifting away as well because PayPal has reversed payments without the opportunity to refute a claim. For a purchase that is bogus or the incorrect item shipped….it’s become long and laborious with few updates or responses. Once you ‘file’, there’s no way to inquire as to status. Unlike your credit card company, PayPal doesn’t reverse the charge while investigating, so your money is gone until they take their two months or more to decide what to do and if you pay interest, you pay and that doesn’t get refunded.

  6. Also place an order over 3 weeks ago with No replies after 4 emails. Customer service number is a questionaire regarding other service that have no interest. Based on my experience this company is bogus. Suggest buying what you need in a store.

  7. I’ve written to support to find out where my order is, I ordered it on June 23 and it’s July 17th and haven’t received it yet. I called the phone number they listed 800 224 – 8317 and I got medical alert to purchase a medical alert product. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. they said the shipping would be 5 – 10 business days which is well past that.

  8. I placed an order on 07/01/2020 and have not received any updates or tracking number. My emails bounce back as undeliverable and I get a prerecorded message when I call the phone number. The message doesn’t identify the company.

    Thank you for your order from folaya.

    Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order. Your order summary is below. Thank you again for your business.

    Order Questions?

    Call Us: 800-224-8317

    Your order #100002868

    Placed on 1 July 2020 14:17:29 BST

    Item in your order Qty Price

    Pit Boss K22 Ceramic Heat Deflector -Kamado Charcoal Grill

    SKU: 684678287521

    1 $34.99 Subtotal $34.99 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Grand Total $34.99

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