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Shoppingwink Reviews [June] Read to know if it is a scam


Shoppingwink Reviews [June] Read to know if it is a scam -> Are you looking to purchase digital frames online? Then read this article carefully. 

Want an addition for your room or sitting area and looking for a digital frame? Then you will like the smart digital frames on Shoppingwink. 

Digital frames kill the mundaneness of the room and challenge it by showing images of your family, artworks or pictures you may have clicked and love. Apart from adding oomph to your room of choice, it can display multiple images by connecting it through your Wi-Fi. 

Shoppingwink Reviews tell us about an online site that sells digital frames that resemble actual paintings. This company does good business in the United States, United Kingdom and raking in some rave review. 

However, it also managed to garner negative reviews and has people wondering Is Shoppingwink LegitLet’s jump into this review to help you find out if it is worth purchasing. 

What is Shoppingwink? 

Shoppingwink is an online seller of home accessories and fitness devices like car phone mount; kids toy car, ceiling lights, etc. There is no precise categorization of the products, so it isn’t easy to decipher what more they offer. 

The products have been decently priced, and if you are makeup aficionado, then you will surely like the eyebrow stamp available. There is also the absence of an about us section which means there is no way of finding out the makers of it. 

They also fail at providing any contact details. Hence, failing at giving any transparency to its customers, which is not settle well with them. 

What is unique about Shoppingwink?

This online seller offers a limited product variety which usually makes it easy to make a quick choice and finally purchase. But the limited range is diverse enough to ensure everybody may find something they will like. A budget-friendly environment is also maintained!

If you have wanted to add a more rustic and vintage feel to your house, then the Vintage Droplight available on the site will surely appease to your inner interior decorator.

It makes the Shoppingwink online retailer unique but still fails to establish transparency which could put the questioning mind of a customer to ease. 

Specifications of Shoppingwink

  • Products- home accessories and fitness devices 
  • Website- 
  • Email- not provided 
  • Phone number– not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- not mentioned 
  • Shipping fee- you will get to know once you make a purchase 
  • Return- must be made within 30 days of receiving 
  • Exchange- not clear 
  • Refunds- you will be notified once you have returned item 
  • Online Payment- Visa card, Apple pay, Amex and Master card 

Pros of purchasing from Shoppingwink

  • Refunds are made easy once your returns have been assessed 
  • They have a clear 30-day return policy 
  • They offer an exciting range of products 
  • The website possesses a valid SSL certificate 
  • Products come with ample information 
  • You can make secure online payments 

Cons of purchasing from Shoppingwink

  • There is no about us section mentioned on the site 
  • The range of products offered is limited 
  • There are no contact details provided, and there is instead a contact box 
  • Shipping policies offered are very vague 
  • The home page has a pixilated banner 
  • The online seller has negative online reviews 

Is Shoppingwink legit? 

This online retailer fails to provide transparency in terms of contact details and even shipping details. There is also no information regarding its makers or address; for all, we know the company could be based out of China. 

These are some signs a customer searches for when trying to make purchases from a relatively new site. Numerous sites today are set up with an attempt to scam people ad it is of top priority to ensure safety from such malicious attempts. 

Customer reviews of Shoppingwink

There are no customer reviews available about the products on the site. All the online surveys do not have anything positive to say about it. Is that justified? Yes, as the site was established six months ago claims cyber bunkers, and they further mention of the website not being famous. 

YouTube review by Scam finder too makes a similar observation. Further adding that the shipping policies don’t even provide the time they would take to deliver the products. 

Final Verdict- 

The website in question, Shoppingwink, fails at providing the necessary information as well as a range of products. These factors make us not recommend making any purchases from the site. Share your experience with us if you have made purchases from the site before! 

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  1. I bought what I thought were 3 electric fat wheel skateboards and once I paid I got one initial response and nothing after that. I made my purchase through Facebook and now I can’t find the site. I think I’ve been scammed.

    1. My husband purchased a skate board in June 2020 and now it is Oct and we have never received our product. This is a scam and will be reported to the FEDS.

  2. I bought what I thought were 1 electric fat wheel skateboards and once I paid I got one initial response and nothing after that. I made my purchase through Facebook and now I can’t find the site. I think I’ve been scammed.

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