Chilicloth.Com Reviews [July] A Legit Website or Not?

Chilicloth.Com Reviews [July] A Legit Website or Not?

Chilicloth.Com Reviews [July] A Legit Website or Not? ->  In the above article, you read about a website dealing with women’s clothing and home goods.

Online Market is a hub for everything. Anything you’re looking for, you can get it online, with many options as well. It all started with clothing. Online shopping came on-trend after it offered clothes for sale. Thus, they acquire a significant part of the same.

Many websites came up with the same, offering different options to buyers to select. In the article below, you’d read about Reviews. This is an online webstore dealing in women’s clothing. They provide options in various categories, including tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, accessories, inner wears, and many more groups. The webstore is launched in the United States and is also visited frequently by the people there.

In the article below dedicated to Chilicloth com Reviews, you’ll get answers to your queries related to the site. You will get to know whether the site is secure to shop from or not, can safe transactions be placed from the same or not?

The answers to the above questions are mentioned below. Read more to go through the same.

What is

Women are always short of options when it comes to clothing. This is the only reason that people try to come up with trendy and unique ideas frequently, to stand up on their needs. Many websites are also contributing to the same. They’re too coming up with new ideas, which will also increase the share of the online market. is one such website dealing with the same. They provide various options in different categories. These categories further include tops, bottoms, dressed, inner wears, jumpsuits, shoes, accessories, and many more. The website also deals in Home Goods. This is an additional category, and they offer varieties in this as well.

But all this cannot be considered to ensure the legitimacy of the website.Read below about Reviews, including its specifications, pros, and cons, which would help you figure out if it is a safe stop to shop from or not.

Specifications of

Pros of

  • Varieties of options available in every category.
  • Fast return method offered by the site.
  • Products can be grabbed at massive discounts.
  • Quick delivery option available.

Cons of

  • COD not available.
  • Discounted products are not valid for exchange or refunds.
  • The order cannot be canceled once the parcel is shipped.
  • 15% cancellation fee is applied if the order is canceled after 24 hours.
  • Shipping charges while returning the order to be bearded by the buyers only.

Customer Reviews on

One drawback of the webpage is that reviews are not specified on the website. One must need to search for them online to get the reference of other buyers. Some of them available online are summed below are for further clarity on the same.

Most of the reviews available are negative. After going through the reviews, it can be said that buyers do not appreciate the website and specified that they wouldn’t recommend it to others.

Also, it is said that the website is not responding to their queries. They are either ignored or replied after long.  Buyers also mentioned that the site has a complicated return policy. One needs to send an email regarding the reason for the exchange along with the product picture. The returns will only be valid if the request will be approved by the website, hence a problematic and time taking task.

Final Verdict:

After studying the website, we concluded that this website is a scam.

Firstly, the website’s domain was purchased a few months ago only and is very young. Hence, it cannot be trusted. Also, the site has not mentioned precise details about its policies.Thus, making it difficult for its buyers to place an order. 

The reviews available on the other platforms also are mostly negative. Buyers who shopped from it once, also mentioned that they wouldn’t prefer it again.

Thus, it is recommendednot to shop from the same.

0 thoughts on “Chilicloth.Com Reviews [July] A Legit Website or Not?

  1. How do I get my money back?? I ordered a cute top and now I’ll never see it. Also, do I need to close out my credit card so they don’t scam me even more?

  2. Anything that advertises through Facebook should be thoroughly checked out before trusting them. I once made the mistake of ordering from one. Long messy story. But when I tracked down and spoke to the owner of the real site, she said she was working with the FBI and they had already shut down 38 fake sites that month. They are like whakamole and many originate in Hong Kong where the banks cooperate with them.
    Funny that I am a Judy too.

    1. Nota Buy in chilicloth ,
      No compren en esta firma
      La ropa no llega, a los precios tenés que sumar aduana y muy mala atención y calidad
      Compré en abril y noviembre y no llego NADA!!!

  3. I ordered two tops. They aren’t cotton, but polyester. The feel of the fabric is like wearing a tablecloth. I’m not going to order anything else and I’ve gleaned that returns are near impossible. Lesson learned.

  4. I ordered many things from them 3 month a go , nothing came till Now , the funny thing , that they answer to my emails saying we are sorry for the delay it’s because of the pandemic , plz track ur order , and then nothing comes up .. unfortunately it’s a scam , will never see the order neither the money ?

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