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Eileen MC com Reviews {Sept 2020} – Is It Legit Or Not?

Eileen MC com Reviews 2020

Eileen MC com Reviews {Sept 2020} – Is It Legit Or Not? >> Looking for home and kitchen care products at reasonable prices, then read this article.

The market for online shopping companies and malls is disturbed due to the pandemic. All the malls did not open for about four months, and now when they are opening the news, the products in the malls are no more fresh and new. Thus, many clearance sales are going on in the United States.

If you also live in the US or the United Kingdom, then read this article as it will give you some information on a website that sells the products at very reasonable rates due to the clearance sale. As the companies now want to get rid of the old products.

The products available in the sale are new and completely fit for purchase. This article, Eileen MC com Reviews, is on a website that is also selling some fantastic products at reasonable prices. To know more than what kind of products this website is selling, keep reading this article.

What is Eileen MC com?

Eileen MC company established in 2018 to provide products at reasonable prices to all its customers. The company aims at cutting down the cost between the manufacturer, wholesaler, and then the retailer. It buys the products directly from the manufacturer and then sells them to customers.

Eileen MC deals with small accessories, apparel, home décor products, garden products, and gadgets. The company reduces its running cost in logistics. The company wants to give customers a different experience by providing them the products at the factory rate. 

The company also deals in lifestyle products. Some of the products that the company has on its website are:

  • Comfort set: It is a ten-piece set with a mattress, bed sheet set, pillow sets, and blankets.
  • Kitchen choice: The kitchen category includes pan stirrer, Maple and honey dispenser, and a complete crockery set that provides for 5- piece baking set, shallow pans, and a ten-piece cookware set.
  • Garage tool selection: Mechanic toolset, comprehensive toolset, and screwdriver, and plastic racking set.

Specifications of Eileen MC:

  • Website type: Home and garden products
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: The shipping is there within 3-5 days.
  • Delivery: You will get your product within 10-15 days.
  • Returns: If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 14 days.
  • Mode of Payment: You can pay through PayPal.
  • Company’s address:  Stockley Park, The square(6-9), Middlesex, England, (UB111FW) 
  • E-mail id:

Pros of Eileen MC:

  • The company deals in many different products.
  • The quality of the products is premium.
  • The prices are attractive and reasonable.
  • There is a 14 days return policy.
  • The company’s address is there on the website.

Cons of Eileen MC:

  • The website domain is only six days old.
  • There are spelling mistakes on the website.
  • The content seems like it is a copy of other websites.
  • There is no contact number there on the website.
  • The e-mail id is very unprofessional is mediocre.
  • There is no social media presence of Eileen MC and no availability of Eileen MC com Reviews.

Is Eileen MC com Legit?

When the Eileen MC com Reviews team researched, we realized that many unknown websites are running on the internet. The fact about the site is that the domain is only six days old, which is very unprofessional, and most of the scam websites use a new area. 

The website does not have any mail server, and it is a lousy sign again. The site is not trustworthy as it is not very popular and has very little traffic. There is no presence of this website, Eileen MC com, on any social media platforms. The site is not legit and similar to many fake sites running in the United States.

The buyers are requested to take precautions and do not buy anything on this website. This website is not legit.

What do customers want to say?

When we searched on google ” Eileen MC com Reviews,” we found some shocking results like the only suggestions google gave us were the links of blogs. The blogs say that this website is a scam and people should stay away from it. Also, there are no reviews found on any of the other social platforms. 

The final verdict:

The bottom line about Eileen MC com is that the website deals in the home and kitchen care products. The website is selling all the products at meager prices in the name of a clearance sale. This sale is a trap for naïve customers from the United Kingdom so that the makers of the website can steal the information of the customers and use it for their benefit.

We recommend readers to stay away from this scam website. Also, if you want to share your views, you can share it in the box below.


  1. I unfortunately was taken in by this company purchased a item for nearly $30 was informed of tracking number and royalmail notified me of impending delivery…but what they actually sent was a pack of garbage bags with the tracking number so it shows something was delivered…Luckily (well I hope) I paid via PayPal and have raised a complaint which I hope will result in a full refund….

  2. Total scam company. Bought a bin on 15 August. Never received. They tried offering me a 50% discount for my disappointment. Thankfully I paid by Paypal so have opened a case.

    1. I fell for this, I purchased a bin and had garbage bags delivered. I have been offered 70% refund but still awaiting the payment. I don’t think I will receive this but have already opened a dispute with pay pal.

  3. I ordered a 13 gallon Kitchen Bin (Stainless Steel Trash Can) and as a previous commenter stated, was shipped an item, with tracking and it arrived, but was a pack of super thin trash bags, comparable to the bags found in you produce department at the grocer. I’ve emailed the company twice, and have not received any reply. I got scammed!!!

  4. Like Jacqueline, I too was taken in by their “One click no hands trash can”. Looks an amazing bit of kit, but again all I got was bin bags, which they have offered me up to 70% refund, but if I refuse will have to pay over $20 to return bags, sod that, have gone through Paypal.

  5. I also ordered from them – a hand cart that could carry 2 kids to the beach. I got an inflatable neck pillow delivered instead. I opened a dispute with Paypal and they took around 5-6 weeks to look at it. The seller again provided the tracking ID for the lightweight item to prove a delivery was made. Paypal have denied my claim today because there was a tracking ID! I have complained to their Customer service.

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