Floryday UK Review {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Floryday UK Review {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Floryday UK Review {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit? >> Those who love stylish clothes can give this site a look after reading a few reviews.

Are you fond of shoes, and are you looking for colorful and stylish clothes? If yes, then you need to visit the website Floryday com.

Shoes and clothes are essential to everyone. After all, it reflects your personality and says a lot of things about you. This is the only reason we keep on looking for websites that can offer us something unique. The best way to gather relevant information would be to go through Floryday UK Review

All those living in the United Kingdom can place their orders from this site. It is after reading a few reviews; you are able to understand the site properly. You will be able to decide whether it is a legit site or not? Clear all your doubts before you place your order. 

What is Floryday com?

This online site looks excellent, and you will get to see many colorful and stylish clothes. Apart from this, there is a shoe section you can visit and pick shoes as per your liking. There is a lot to choose from the clothes section. This section has dresses, blouses, swimwear, and bottoms. 

When you bring the cursor on the dresses button, you will get a lot of options. These options are new dresses, bestselling, plus dresses, summer dresses, maxi dresses, midi dresses, etc. Similarly, you will get to see these options in other categories as well. The color options are available in a range of two to six.

This site is around four years and eleven months old. So, one can guess and conclude that it a legit website. 

Specifications of Floryday com

  • Products sold on this site are clothes and shoes.
  • Site address is https://www.floryday.com/
  • Phone number: +85281924598
  • Email in terms and conditions section: service@floryday.com
  • Online payment mode – Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, etc.
  • Return and exchange policies are available.
  • The return within 14 days. Days start from the date the order was received.
  • Product if washed, worn, altered, or damaged will not be returned. 
  • Different prices for different countries.
  • Shipping charges are not included in the price of the item.

Pros of the Floryday com

  • Offer a wide variety of clothes and shoes
  • The return policy is there
  • The site looks excellent and appealing
  • Delivery of the items across 100 countries across the globe
  • It is four years and eleven months old company
  • Reviews on this site are available
  • Social media presence is there

Cons of the Floryday com

  • Floryday UK Review are for late delivery
  • Customers have complained about cheap product
  • The complaint about not receiving the product at all
  • Email is not provided in contact us section but terms and conditions section

Is Floryday com Legit or not?

If you talk about this site’s legitimacy, then the age of this company will surely help you. It is for four years and eleven months old company. This goes to shows that it is a legit site. 

There are lots of reviews written by the customers who have purchased from here. This goes to show that there are many orders placed from here. You can also see many customer ratings for this site. 

Anyone residing in the United Kingdom can buy items from here. Before placing your order, go through terms and conditions, privacy policy, FAQs, and return policy properly. Payments are secure as it has an HTTPS/SSL connection. 

What are people saying about Floryday com?

There are lots of customer reviews about this site. Customers have even rated this site as per their personal experience. Some customers who have purchased are not satisfied with the quality of the material. They have mentioned in reviews that material is cheap.

Some are not satisfied as far as color is concerned. According to a few customers, the color visible on the site is not what they have received. Few are fully satisfied. So, this site gets mixed Floryday UK Review from its customers. However, the options in the clothes section will impress any browser. 

Final Verdict 

The age of the company does not create suspicion about the legit of this site. Before buying, you can read all the policies mentioned on this site. You can give it a try but be aware and place an order for one item initially. After you are satisfied, you can put more orders.

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0 thoughts on “Floryday UK Review {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

  1. I have been impressed with most of the items I have bought from Floryday Unfortunately I had to return a few items. This is where the problem starts. They have had my items now for three weeks and making no attempt to refund me. Stating that they have not received my returns. I have the tracking numbers and that states that they have had them. I feel I’m going round in circles with them.

  2. I have been trying to send items back to floryday and website is not good for returning items call number and nothing still parcel has not been returned

    1. I have been trying now for days to return goods and the website is awful for returns! Keeps taking me back to page to put password in, I’ve emailed umpteen times and no response. Stuck with goods of £95 that are no good

  3. Hello Janet
    What address did you sent the parcel back to. I am having trouble raising a returns instruction as it will not let me select an item. Similar to Elaine and Lorraine below.
    I feel so stupid i spent £135 with them and none of it is like the pictures. material for t-shirts is nylon and the other stuff is very thin. poor quality.

    The site i used was airydress but has the same phone number and i believe roselinlin is another name they go under.

  4. I believe there is one fake company that goes under many different names. i.e.
    Comfyrs.com – Women’s Casual Clothes, airydress, Floryday, etc. Like was mentioned, phone numbers and addresses are the same in many places. They have spent alot of time creating beautiful extensive websites. Much of this is done by imposing different images or colors on the same photo of a model. This helps lure people in, as they feel it is more legit if it is such an extensive site. Everything looks beautiful, it is all on sale. Oh and hey there is a pandemic and our company didn’t survive so things are all on close-out prices. In the U.S. I wish the FDC would go after them, or the Federal trade commission. I got taken in the spring. ordered some pieces and never got any items. No contact from the company at all.
    The thing that surprises me is that people say they have received items! Although they are of very poor quality. So is not a total 100% sham. Like they say, if it is too good to be true, it is. BUYER BEWARE

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