Lacy Bra Reviews {Aug 2021} – Should You Use It?

Lacy Bra Reviews {Aug 2021} – Should You Use It?

Lacy Bra Reviews {Aug 2021} – Should You Use It? >> One of the top lingerie products with the right amount of structure, design, and comfortable fitting.

Finding a perfect bra that fits your cup size can be a challenge. Do you also struggle to find one and want some varieties? 

One more bra review is coming in your direction! You must have seen their new ads about their unlined crochet lace Bra on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and whatnot, and now you also want one in your wardrobe as it is implanted into your brain.

We will tell you in our Lacy Bra Reviews about one company that blends style and support to give you that famous bra comfort. We have talked about their lace bra to provide honest feedback on the design. 

LIVELY has set up tier foot in various counties and especially Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Let’s jump in to incorporate the points about the specific product review below!  

What is Lacy Bra?

Unlined Crochet Lace Bra has one of the in-demand products of LIVELY and comes with an unlined silhouette. The customer from Canada and the United States can find the new crocheted lace in three must-have shades. The company selling this bra called LIVELY is selling bras and intimates for the last five years. 

The company was started by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, who previously worked as a merchandiser at Victoria’s Secret. Their bra is all aesthetic and supports active living with high-style and comfort. But today we are only addressing the entirely new Product and its Lacy Bra Reviews

Specifications of Lacy Bra:

  • Product Type: Unlined Crochet Lace Bra
  • Store featuring Product: 
  • Shipping: Free US shipping over $40 
  • Return: Free return on the Product
  • Marketing mail id:
  • Customer care Email:
  • Press mail id:
  • Bra Fabric: Nylon is ninety percent, and Spandex is only 10 percent 
  • Lining in the Bra: Nylon is 77 percent, and Spandex is 23 percent.
  • Different range of Size: 32A – DDD, 34A-DDD, 36A-DDD, 38B-DD
  • Payment options: PayPal, Amazon pay credit/ debit cards and shop pay

Pros of Lacy Bra:

  • The bra has a back j-hook that brings superior comfort. 
  • It has front straps that make it easier to adjust. 
  • It comes in various options based on band and cup size. 
  • It has unlined lace that gives a classy look and also supports
  • There is supportive underwire for more comfort. 
  • It has soft scalloped seams for delicate features. 
  • You can combine and match the bra with a different price range that are two bras for $60, three bras for $80, three undies for $25.  

Cons of Lacy Bra:

  • Lack of skin tone color bra 
  • There is a slight difference between the two-bra cup fit. 

Is Lacy Bra legit?

We have seen the Company LIVELY in the market going from small scall store to big marketplace for bra and lingerie. Lacy Bra Reviews found no shortcoming with the products and meet all the fit and comfort that every woman needs. 

The bras have all the product details and extra explaining done on their part. The only few points on which the company has to make this Product the best are more skin tone color bras and to make the price model more flexible. If you want free shipping, you have to spend around $40, which could be trouble if you only want one Product. 

The j-hook and adjustable front straps are one to die for any comfort, and the cups are very soft. They are supportive underwire and have unlined lace, which makes it a stylish product. You can trust the Product in terms of comfort and delivering specifications. There are hassle-free refunds and free shipping all over the United Kingdom and United States

What customer’s saying about Lacy Bra?   

 The Lacy Bra Reviews found their bra is popular among all the ladies, and companies have a solid customer base that even waits for the Product to come in stock. You can find many social media influencers marketing the Product and get the idea to make the decision. 

They have a big customer care team that solves issues on a fast basis. The customer can also get the referral benefits if they want to connect to LIVELY. The shipping and return are super easy. The customer can find the Product comfortable and fit every size. 

Final Verdict:

We would recommend the hop LIVELY for their Product unlined crochet lace bra. They have high-quality bras at a reasonable price. Overall, they give a more excellent range of bras, that are equally easy to wear to their competitors. These factors are a win for us, and we would like you to go through their size guide to choose the most suited fit for yourself. 

Comment below if you ever purchased from this store!

0 thoughts on “Lacy Bra Reviews {Aug 2021} – Should You Use It?

  1. This company was the worst. First I paid $50, and selected my according to their sizing. It took months to receive and a call to my trying to get my money back because there was never any answer to number posted on their website or email. When it was finally received the bra did not fit it was about 3 sizes too small. There is NO customer service, sizing is wrong, and the garment actually looked like it was scraps of cloth haphazardly down together. Basically $10 product sold for $50, and takes forever to receive. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

    1. I still haven’t received item and they said it was delivered and now they won’t refund or send me product. Anyone thinking of buying from them or digital innovation should run the other way. Company is thieves and liars. Never buy anything from this shitty company. If I could put a middle finger emoji I would.


  2. I trusted your website and the reviews on Lacy Bra and one month later and we still have not gotten the bras we ordered. The phone numbers for customer service are bogus and are disconnected
    I will be contacting my credit card company to have them reverse the charges Do not order from Lacy Bra.

  3. You are nothing but a scam company that take people’s money and don’t come up with the goods. I wish I could warn everyone that you take their money but they never receive the goods

  4. Marilyn Parsons ..I placed an order Sept 2nd and to date have not had any response regarding shipping or tracking etc.. is this normal? tried calling several times ..always busy tone..Is this company legit?

  5. Do not buy anything from Lacy Bra. A scam business. No such thing as prompt delivery, customer service, returns or refunds. Try calling their CS number it is busy 24/7 emails are all automated. Totally a scam.

  6. I totally agree with both of the last few disgruntled reviews! BUYER BEWARE!
    It took forever to receive the bra and everything stated about the bra that I was needing and was shown in the advertising to have, was NOT what I received. Flimsy and unsupportive straps over the shoulders, the sides did not hold and help to shape, the emails only replied with an automatic response from “Alice” stating, “this is not set up to be monitored” and the phone number given goes to an automatic busy signal. Mine cost over $70.00, and can not wear it at all, I suggest not giving yourself the frustration of going through this undeserved mistreatment coupled with the cost that you will be ripped off with.
    Now to find out how to report this so that I may get a refund or at least leave a valid complaint to have them investigated and/or shut down!

  7. I actually received my bra fairly quickly but it doesn’t support and the cups only cover half my breasts. The straps are pieces of thin fabric that do nothing to support at all. The bra is a joke and I should’ve known better.

  8. No support from this bra at all. Really flimsy. Have tried to send my bra back Alice reply’s someone will contact you in 48 hours they never do. This is a scam do not buy from this site.

  9. I absolutely agree with all the bad reviews. The bra does not support and the cups are not accurately sized. I have been trying to return my two bras and get reimbursed for at least three weeks, and all email responses are extremely slow and never address my question of how I can return the bras and get reimbursed. They are just stalling. VERY BAD company and VERY BAD service.

  10. I just received my bra after waiting for 6 weeks. It is horrible! It is about 6 sizes too small and is very flimsy with absolutely no support. Nothing like advertised. There is nothing with package on how to return and the phone number goes immediately to a busy signal. Do not waste your money! I should have known better, I usually read reviews before purchasing but didn’t this time. I sure wish that I had.

  11. Worst company ever. As others have mentioned…takes months to receive your order, even though they have your money up front. When I finally received it, I was terribly disappointed with a cheaply made bra. Flimsy, not at all like what it is made to represent online. A complete SCAM.

  12. My wife who is not really into ads online was very impressed with what she saw and asked me to get them. Ordered 4, of course the price was good. Now fast forward to most recent. Received only 1 in the mail box. Needless to say my wife is not impressed. First with the fact that only one was sent. And was not what she expected. Now I got to see about a refund, and from the way it looks its going to be another extended process of that happening. Guess I can keep you posted on the process.

  13. Just received a reply from the listed customer care information listed:
    Customer care Email:

    this is the following: Thanks so much for reaching out!

    I asked: Good morning, May I ask is the department regarding the product “The Lacy Bra”?

    They replied: If we understood you correctly, you are asking if we have a product called “The lacy bra”? Unfortunately, we don’t but we do have bras that are designed with lace.

    I would of provided a snapshot but unfortunately not possible. sorry.

  14. Asociaal! Ze schelden je uit voor de telefoon. Twee keer het geldbedrag van mijn rekening af gehaald. Ik heb nog niets terug gekregen. De bh’s zijn gemaakt door kinderarbeid. Ze misbruiken kinderen. De kwaliteit is super slecht! Het geld wordt gebruikt voor kinderporno! Om van te kotsen!

  15. Bien reçu après 4 semaines d’attente au reçu un des 2 soutiens gorge c’est bien décevant ne soutien rien ce n’est qu’un morceau de tissus

  16. From Australia – I actually go looking for negative reviews BEFORE I make such a purchase online but in this case, found nothing but glowing reviews. How does that happen ? Now I find this pool of reviews… too late. Like so many before me, I fell for this scam. It is nothing more, nothing less, it is a SCAM. I paid by PayPal and waited three days shy of 2 months for the item. In summary the sizing is ridiculous, the material used is indescribable and any attempt at obtaining a refund is obsolete due to the fact claim for refund must be made within 30 days of despatch date NB despatch date, not date of receipt. In a nutshell I’ve done $60AU in this fiasco. Que sera sera. My only wish is that any other women looking for honest reviews should find this thread BEFORE purchasing. Live and learn my sisters, live and learn. Wishing you all good health and successful bra shopping in the future.

  17. I to made the mistake of not reading reviews before ordering, I agree with all the others COMPLETE SCA M. I’ve lost over £60 taught me a good lesson, absolutely fuming buyers BEWARE save your cash.

  18. DO NOT deal with this company! Worst service ever!
    Ultra slow turtle delivery. And when your bra doesn’t fit. They won’t return it. They argue. Some weak return policy.

    Don’t buy this product. Research reviews first!

  19. Oh brother , I regrettably have to agree – I was scammed .. dam !
    I wear 38 DD – this bra fit like a 36 b … the back feels nice tho … but ya, too small no way to return oh and the cups don’t cover & sag … a waste of needed money I learn my lesson will continue to buy from Victoria Secret & KOHLS … 12/4/2020

  20. This bra is far from being confortable. The sizing is off and the material is cheap and offers no support. Beware of their return policy. You have to pay for return freight to some place in the states with no preprint return label. All kinds of threats that it should be received exactly as shipped. Now you need to put insurance on the package. Then PayPal sides with all of this and closes your case and sticks you with the item.

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