Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is It Worth the Money

Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is It Worth the Money

Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is It Worth the Money -> This article talks about the face mask reviews and its efficiency around the globe.

The threat of Coronavirus is rapidly increasing among the people. They are not even able to trust face mask or sanitizer’s quality. Due to substantial death rates, people want to use every precaution and safety measure. To provide a solution, we have presented this online store named ‘Custom Ink.’ It gives the best face mask for your family or loved ones. 

We suggest you place the order but first read our research-based opinion post-Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews. This site claims to sell a lot of face masks in the United States

Please check out the below analysis report to get an idea about some hidden facts related to the store.

What is Custom Ink Face Mask? 

Custom Ink Face Mask made with ultra-soft cotton blend fabric that is comfortable to wear. It has two sets of ear holes that can be easily fiited in children and adults.

The company offers face masks in two packages-one is ‘Family Pack,’ and the other is ‘Team Pack.’ The family pack contains 12 pieces of face masks, whereas the Team pack has 120 pieces. As per our Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews, the masks are washable and reusable.

Who’s this for?

As the company promise, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggested wearing a fabric face mask to all the natives of America. Whether you are a man, woman, adult, or children, you can opt for this mask. 

In the deadly season of a virus, this mask is compulsory for everyone.

How to Order Custom Ink Face Mask?

Please follow below procedure to place an order for Face Mask

First, visit on official Then, you need to select the ‘Product’ option from the menu. When you place the cursor on the ‘Product’ option, the list of items will be shown on the web page. As per Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews, select the ‘Face Mask’ category from the ‘Product’ menu. The webpage will display the two options-‘Family Pack’ and ‘Team Pack.’ Choose the desired product item, read the description, choose the quantity, and click on ‘Add To Cart’ option to move ahead.

Fill the shipping address and make the payment to get the order.

Specifications Of Custom Ink Face Mask: 

  • The family pack of the mask contains 12 pieces. On the other hand, the team pack has 120 items in one pack.
  • The product is made within the USA.
  • The fabric is used in the mask contains Cotton, Polyester, Cotton, and Spandex.
  • Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews found this mask helps to get prevention from infection, viruses, or allergy through respiratory droplets and micron particles.
  • This mask shouldn’t work in any surgical setting, liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids.
  • The Manufacturer and Custom Ink is not providing any warranties to provide full prevention from infections through this mask.

Importants Terms Related To The Company

  • The ‘Contact Us’ section of the page includes- contact number: 855-792-1402, Live chat system, and a contact form, which we evaluated during Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews. The company claims to contact you within 24 hours after submitting the information through the contact form.
  • The headquarters of the company is located in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews evaluated, the office of the company is situated in all Charlottesville, Reno, and Dallas. Also, it has various store locations. The address are listed on the website.
  • The company claims to ship within three business days after placing the order.
  • The payment method of the company: Credit card, Debit Card, Check, and Purchase order.

What are the customer remarks?

As we have studied data on the official site of Custom Ink, we have not found any Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews. Overall, in the ‘Customer Reviews’ section, where people have bought several other products, they are quite satisfied with the quality.

53% of the clients had a ‘wow’ moment with Custome Ink, whereas 36% of the buyers had a great experience. Minimum 4% of the buyers are not satisfied with the services of this website. 

To conclude, 95.4% of customers are having a good experience of shopping with this online store.

Final Verdict 

As per the data collected from the official website of Custom Ink, we can say it is quite an impressive store for buyers. But as mentioned in the disclaimer section of the Face mask, the company is not at all ready to take the responsibility to provide full prevention with these two face mask packs. At last, you have to make a choice as per your understanding.

 If you have already done shopping with Custom Ink, then don’t forget to share your valuable feedback in our comment section.

0 thoughts on “Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is It Worth the Money

  1. Purchased the mask and personally found them to be one layer and flimsy. CDC recommends multiple layers. Not sure how well they will wash and maintain shape. Also have not tried but because the ear piece of the mask (which is a whole cut into the mask material) it will probably be too bulky .

    I also bought masks from Buck Mason and I would buy again. a little more expensive but they donate a mask for each mask that they sell.

  2. If you are considering purchasing a set of these masks, be advised that they are basically t-shirt material that has been cut to shape and had ear holes cut into them. There are no seams, so they curl very easily. while they may do in a pinch, you could get the same protection from cutting up an old t-shirt (a light one, not heavy duty) and cutting ear holes in it. After receiving the set I ordered, I have decided to look for something more substantial.

  3. These facemasks are a TOTAL WASTE of money. Do not buy. Agree with another reviewer that they are thin tshirt material with raw edges and holes cut for ears. The ones I received must have been meant for children because they are too tight for my face (average size woman). Disgusted.

  4. Comments above accurately describe these masks, one-ply, see-through, stretchy fabric cut, not sewn. Yes they curl, and the ear cuts are the same. Not worth the money. I too thought maybe wear two layers, but not comfortable.

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