Okhomeonline Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

Okhomeonline Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

Okhomeonline Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store? -> This article is for those who wish to know about okhomeonline.com

‘Corona virus’ has changed our life immensely. Things that we thought are unimportant, are being in demand now. Activities that we considered impossible, like staying at home for days together and working remotely for office have become a daily affair.

This will continue till the time we don’t get over the pandemic. Battling an enemy who is visible is different while fighting an unseen battle against a lethal invisible foe, is unpredictable and gruesome.

For this horrid warfare, some of the indispensible weapons required are hand sanitizers, wet wipes, personal care suits, latex gloves, toilet paper and thermometers.

Exactly, these are the items that okhomeonline.com is selling. The e-commerce business is registered in the United State

What is Okhomeonline?

Okhomeonline.com is an online store which has evolved in this time of crisis to provide the essential disinfecting agents as discussed above.

In it’s ‘About Us’ section, the company claims to have it’s own factory where the products are manufactured and sold straight from there. That’s the reason behind the low price projections because no middlemen are involved in the process.

The company assures best quality standards and abundant production at any point in time. So, during such crucial time, people won’t run short of wipes, sanitizers, toilet paper etc.

How does it work?

Basically, when you shop from okhomeonline.com, you are required to pay in advance for the selected items through PayPal, debit or credit cards.

 Once the order is processed, which is normally done during the week days, that’s Monday till Friday, the delivery happens within 8-10 business days in the United States and 10-20 days in other countries.

In case you wish to return any item then you can do so only after contacting the firm through customer@okhomeonline.com. After receiving e-mail from the customer’s end along with appropriate pictures of the damaged or inferior quality items, okhomeonline.com will reveal their return address.

Shipping the returnable goods to the return location is the customer’s head ache and the cost for the same has to be borne by him or her.

Who should buy from here?

Okhomeonline.com is a store that is offering all the products which are in high demand now, so people will always want to buy from here. The business can be huge depending on how genuine is the company’s intention and fairness of the deals.

Since, people are almost locked in their homes and the majority brick and mortar shops around are closed down, individuals will depend on online shopping largely. Whether the delivery of the products will be possible or not is ‘food for thought’.

Why is it famous?

The ‘okhome’ store will be in demand because of the products they endorse and since they are promising that stocks of the same are readily available, there will be no dearth of buyers here.

The items are all necessary and are available at cheap prices, which is commendable. There’s not much of clutter of unnecessary information or deviating product lines to confuse the viewers.

The products are self explanatory and in case you wish to enquire about anything, you can contact the company at service@okhomeonline.com. The company has it’s own server, which is a good sign.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Every cloud has a silver lining, so does okhomeonline.com. This recently registered website on 05.03.2020 is promising worldwide delivery now, when all means of international travel is sealed.

‘Okhome’ seems to be taking advantage of the pandemic and aims to make maximum profit through cheating people. 

Since, WHO has categorically said that precautionary items like masks, hand sanitizers etc. must be bought only from known online stores, okhomeonline.com seems a stranger here. 

We know nothing about it’s owner(s), location or phone number.

The products displayed on the website don’t conform as the company’s in-house brand. So, the claim of factory production and factory price is false. The content is clearly copied from elsewhere and has been used to just impress the buyers.


Though the website has a SSL certificate, it still can’t guarantee a fair business. Copied images and huge discounts are done by only fraudulent companies.

Several fraud e-commerce businesses have surged up during this COVID-19 only with the motive to outplay people’s emotions and bag money.

Most of them have the same brain child that’s the owner(s) and have origination in China. That’s the reason they never furnish their address and location details unless asked for.

A general word of caution, never trust any website without gathering trustable information about the same. Scourge your social media groups and pull out data, which you can also share with other ignorant lot.

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