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Komon Mart Reviews [April 2020] Should You Use It?

Komon Mart Website Reviews

Komon Mart Reviews [April 2020] Should You Use It? -> This article is for those who wish to learn more about Komon mart website.

Online shopping spree can lead to bankruptcy. Shocked? That’s the truth these days. With the emergence of the internet as the most soughted medium of buying things, most e-commerce companies are placing themselves in the virtual world for money making.

There is a strong reason behind this; the cyber laws aren’t stringent enough to take these crime perpetrators to task. It’s also very easy to set up an online store. Investment required is much lesser than that used for initializing a real time business.

So, you will come across several amateurish websites selling a lot of meaningful items but at unrealistic deals. Only a keen observer can distinguish between  a legit and a scam website.

Introducing,, a multi product store, which is registered and located in the United State

What is Komon Mart?

Atleast, the ‘Contact Us’ page says so, 265 Hardin Store Rd Rutherfordton, NC 28139, USA.

The working hours are detailed as Monday till Thursday, 8.30 am – 16.45 pm, while Friday, 8.30am – 16.30 pm, on Saturday and Sunday, the shop remains closed.

The description surely projects that the store exists, but a physical verification is evident here. One can’t be too sure, when there is no phone number mentioned.

Komon mart has A-Z products lined up in it’s basket. They are all available at low price than the market value. How authentic will be the deals is a different calling altogether.

How does it work?

Typically, the store takes 3-5 business days to ship products. The shipping terms and conditions  are elaborately explained under the ‘Shipping’ section in the website. However, the goods will actually reach you or not is speculative.

We cannot be sure that ‘komon mart’ is as honest as it sounds. The images are copied and the content is not well built. The website is understandably better created than many other dubious sites, but that doesn’t guarantee faith.

Many companies hire architects who build beautiful web pages without weighing the company’s viability.

So, before you purchase anything from here, wait and gather more information about the company.

Who should buy from here?

Any impulsive shopper will end up purchasing from here because the pictures and prices give a realistic feel, but if you notice that the owner(s) information is missing and the e-mail id and address, 

Komon Mart, 260 Cedar Lake TrailMt Airy, NC 27030

Mentioned in the ‘refund’ policy page are shared by other spam websites too, then you will for sure get over the idea of buying from here.

Why is it famous?

It’s difficult to understand that komon mart is not legit because of it’s standard designing. The website however, uses the ‘shopify’ platform, which is commonly used by many fraudulent companies.

The website has no reason to be famous when it lacks credibility. There’s no mail server of it’s own. The address provided by it has no such store placed there and what more does anybody need to understand the company’s devious intentions?

What are the negative remarks about it?

Technically, an onlooker won’t find any flaw in the website built but the similarity between komon mart and many other scam websites cannot be nullified.

They are in the market just to take advantage of the situation created by the pandemic. Corona virus has shook the entire world and such agonizing infiltrators of the e-commerce world are making life more difficult.

Where getting essentials are becoming a problem, here they are exploiting the innocent masses with fanciful products at imaginary prices. Even if you pay for the products, they won’t reach you because there’s no surety whether the company at all sells them or not.


Please be extremely aware when you shop online. It’s understandable that life is no more as delightful as it used to be but that doesn’t mean we lose our mind over that.

Your hard earned money is not for filling any crook’s pocket. So, play safe. Learn a lot through social media circles about the trustful sites and shop from only there.

 Do take up the responsibility of educating ignorant masses about bad experiences shared on online purchases, so that others don’t fall prey too.

Never divulge important information pertaining to your credit card, pass words, CVVs and so on in any e-commerce webpage, even if they ask you to do so. It’s a criminal offence on their part. 

For your enlightening, such crucial data is only soughted by authentic bank related transactional pages.

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