Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Scam?

Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Scam?

Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Scam? >> Beware of this scam website! Please read this article to know all details about it & stay safe.

Hey reader, we suggest you read Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews as it save you from any possible scams.Do you like surprises? But what if the surprise becomes a headache?Surprising your loved ones can bring them immense joy but make sure your surprise is ordered from a legit website!

Mystery boxes are trending in countries like South Africa, Canada, and the United States. No doubt they are very charming as nobody knows what is actually in the box. But many scams are going on in the name of mystery boxes.Here we will know more about a website that claims to offer mystery boxes at a very cheap price.Let us find out more!

What is the Annen store?

As per Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews, the web-store is an online platform where customers can select mystery boxes as per their choice. Currently, there are only two types of boxes available on the site.The first one is a mystery box of electronics and the second one is a mystery box of different type of drones, and a remote controller.

There is also an option where the customers can customize the boxes by calling their customer care. The website claims a 100% guaranty of legit products. We will know more in the legit section. Let us read further and go ahead to learn more in detail about the website as in Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews.

Details of the website 

  • The website can be browsed with an active URL,
  • The website has currently listed two types of products, i.e., an electronic mystery box and a drone mystery box.
  • The website has provided an email address for the customers to contact them;
  • ShopPlaza powers the website.
  • The site has a return policy of 30 days, but the customer should pass the return eligibility criterion.
  • The website’s shipping policy has mentioned 10-20 days, but it also depends on the order’s location and size.
  • No details are provided regarding the tracking of the order on the website.
  • For the Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews, there is no information provided on the shipping charges.
  • An option of choosing different currencies is offered, making it comfortable for people worldwide.
  • The website has payment modes like PayPal and other Debit and Credit cards.
  • The site also provides an option for the customers to sign for their newsletter.

Pros of the website

  • Mystery boxes are for a very cheap price.
  • An option for a different currency is available.
  • The website has a detailed description of the products that can be offered in the boxes.

Cons of the website

  • No social media links or presence is available on the website.
  • No contact number is provided.
  • Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews, say that the price is too low compared to the offered products.
  • No clear shipping policy.
  • The website lacks the feature of the review section.

Is the website legit or not?

The website comes out as very suspicious due to the pricing, which is very less than the products they claimed to offer in the boxes. No company will be able to offer such a product at a very cheap price.

The website also lacks in social media presence and essential features like contact number and address. There are many loopholes, and the legitimacy checkpoints are not met.Hence we can mark the website as suspicious.

What do the customers Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews?

The website has no promotions done on social media, and also, there are no reviews found on the website and the internet.

This makes the website not trustworthy, and the website has no social media presence. The products listed also are way too expensive, and the price they have quoted is way too less.

The website is very young; being released on 26th November 2020 makes the website only a few days old. Hence we did not find what the customers feel about the website as there are no reviews.


In the conclusion of Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews, we would like to mention that the website is not trustworthy as it lacks the essential features. We recommend our readers not to opt for it as it is too young to make any purchase and we find it as suspicious.What do you think about a surprise mystery box? Mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

7 thoughts on “Annen Store Mystery Box Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Scam?

  1. The Cutee Store , another name for this Co. Selling surprise boxes . I ordered 2 boxes from them. As soon as I pushed the order button, I thought how can these 2 boxes be shipped for $12.99 I IMMEDIATELY contacted Customer service to cancel and guess who that was? Fiona@ vipcservice. com. Same as this one. She said I could not cancel because it already shipped.. I just ordered it.. it would be impossible for it to be shipped.. I told her if I don’t get a refund I will report it to PayPal and also when I see their ad I will let people know this is a scam. I saw the ad again and I just wanted to ask if anyone ever received their boxes and guess what I am BLOCKED. I JUST saw the Annen ad and found in your site that Fiona is customer service. No surprise. Just wanted you to know.

  2. It’s a scam, I ordered last Jan 22, 2021 and what I got wasn’t even closer to the worth what I have spent.

    33.98 USD

    Chinese Smart Bracelet worth $4
    Chinese Earphones worth $2

  3. It’s a scam just received my 2 items today in a small envelope. Spent $46 items worth $5.00 maybe. Contacted paypal requesting a refund and reported them.

  4. Saw their promotions on Facebook offering New Years Mystery Box. I ordered in early Jan and nothing has arrived yet. I reached out to the company for an update on shipping info as my account doesn’t show any updates. Will update here when I have more info.

  5. SCAM in my opinion, ordered x 2 boxes from them from South Africa, the photo of the boxes on Facebook were very large.
    When I received the ONE BOX only, it was tiny and fit in my hand, it contained 1 cheap set of unbranded blue tooth earphones and 1 unbranded cheap sports watch.
    I emailed the website and requested the whereabouts of the second box, I have not received any response in 2 days.

  6. It’s a scam!! I ordered 2 mystery boxes for $46 and received a generic smart watch that sells on wish for $4 and earbuds that sell for $2. I tried to dispute my purchase and the only way to get my refund through PayPal is to pay $50 to ship these 2 cheap products back…SCAM

  7. its SCAM donot buy anything from them, i also ordered 4 Boxes worth 96 USD and today i just received ist one Chinese Smart Bracelet worth $4
    Chinese Earphones worth $2, i open claimed at paypal for full refund, seller accepted full refund but with on condition if returned to fake address which is in Chinese, i am stuck over here… as i can not go back to PayPal .. as SCAM seller accepted my refund..

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