Who Masks January  {Jan 2021} Wearing Mask Is Need!

Who Masks January {Jan 2021} Wearing Mask Is Need!

Who Masks January 2021 {Jan 2021} Wearing Mask Is Need! >> Wearing a mask needed? Read here the truth of conference & entire mandates required to stay safe.

Want to reconsider the worth of a mask in the pandemic? Even it is not needed; we are here to help you with this in our article Who Masks January 2021. Wearing of the mask is equally required as the physical distancing, adequate ventilation, cleaning of hands, avoidance of crowd, etc. The Corona pandemic has left us all astonished and regulated. The wearing of masks is essential worldwide, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Why it came to the reconsideration of masks?

Recently, a website has shared a screenshot on Facebook, which misleadingly claims that in a January 2021 press conference, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised people not to wear the masks if they do not have the symptoms of Coronavirus. 

As per, Who Masks January 2021, this screenshot was taken from a Word Press blog. On Jan. 25, an entry headlined “WHO: You do NOT need to wear a mask” was updated on the site. The screenshot claimed that WHO has suggested not wearing the mask if not infected with Coronavirus. 

The screenshot also claimed that if there is no respiratory symptom in the person, such as the runny nose, fever, or cough, there is no use in wearing a medical mask. In that case, it will give a false feeling of protection and is a source of infection. 

The reality behind the screenshot, as per Who Masks January 2021

This news is not valid. It has no factual information. There was no such comment made during the Jan. 22 press conference, under the WHO’s guidance. In fact, in answer to a question on Jan. 22 about the masks’ efficacy, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said masks are “one aspect of control” which is essentially required to lessen the transmission of viral infections.

Also, Kerkhove suggested the use of a three-layer mask and gave importance as it provides the right type of protection to the users. Preference was also given to physical distancing and hand hygiene.

The truth of “Who Masks January 2021”

The WHO has not changed its guidance to discard the use of masks. Contrary to this, it has strengthened its value and considered it one of the crucial measures to limit the transmission of COVID-19. It was also said in the conference that masks alone would not protect you. To give a hard hit to Coronavirus, people need to follow physical distancing and frequent hand washing. More recommendations from WHO are available on the official website.


WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a video press conference emphasized the material of masks. As per Who Masks January 2021, he also suggested what masks should be made of and how and when they are meant to be worn. Were you also wondering on the screen shot? Comment and give your views here about the facts presented in this article. 

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