Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund {Jan 2021} All About Owner!

Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund {Jan 2021} All About Owner!

Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund {Jan 2021} All About Owner! >> Are you looking for the billionaire owner? Read this article to know all history & achievements.

Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund? Are you willing to know Citadel LLC, the United States-based MNC’s owner details? Our audience is currently querying us to reveal the owner of that famous MNC that serves financial services.

Your wait is over, as, from today’s blog, you will know all about the Citadel owner.

Brief Intro about American Billionaire:

Do not be confused; the Citadel owner and the American personnel have a direct connection. We are discussing Ken Griffin (Full name- Kenneth Cordele Griffin).

He is a successful entrepreneur, an investor as well as the founder of Citadel LLC (Previously known as ‘Citadel Investment Group, LLC’). He is also entitled as the American Billionaire. Reviewing its early life tells, he was born in 1968 in Florida, United States.

To know more on ‘Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund’, first read ahead. He went to the Boca Raton middle school and completed his high school degree from ‘Boca Raton Community High School.’ In the year 1986, in the leading newspaper Sun Sentinel, he featured in an article entitled For Team of Boca Students, Computer’s Screen is Arena.

He started his career just after graduation in 1989; to work with Frank Meyer- the renowned investor and the founder of ‘Glenwood Capital Investment,’ he relocated to Chicago. In 2003, he took place in the famous magazine Forbes 400 for being the ‘Youngest Self-made’ personnel. The report tells, his net worth in 2003 was around 650 million dollars.

More about ‘Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund’:

Ken Griffin founded Citadel LLC in 1990, which mainly developed to provide Financial Service and Hedge Fund. The multinational Citadel LLC mostly runs 2 primary businesses- one is the Citadel, and the second is the Citadel Security.

Let us take a quick recap about some known and unknown facts-

  • Kenneth Cordele Griffin operates a Hedge fund company, which is based in Chicago city, namely- Citadel LLC. As per the report, it possesses approx. 34 billion assets.
  • His keen interest in trading developed from an early age, and he first traded in 1987 from Harvard hostel room.
  • Along with Citadel hedge fund, he operates Citadel Security, the leading market-makers organization across the globe.
  • Following ‘Who Owns Citadel Hedge Fund’, he contributed over 1 billion dollars till now, which includes the donation amount of over 300 million dollars to the Chicago-based non-profit organization.
  • According to recent news, Griffin had spent roughly 800 million dollars in snapping high-priced houses in several cities like New York, Palm Beach, and London.


The billionaire Kenneth Griffin, AKA Ken Griffin, is the founder and CEO of Citadel hedge fund company. According to recent data, his current net worth is around 15 billion dollars. As we read, his interest in trading increased from his college days and made this MNC financial service firm. Citadel has more than 1300 working employees, operating two businesses. 

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