Among Us Old Version Error (Oct) Know About New Error

Among Us Old Version Error (Oct) Know About New Error

Among Us Old Version Error (Oct) Know About New Error -> Find out about the latest error affecting Android and Windows users of the popular game, Among Us.

Are you getting an error while trying to play Among Us? If yes, then continue reading as we inform you about the latest error affecting the Among Us players worldwide. 

We came across many posts online regarding the Among Us Old Version error that is affecting many players all over the world. In today’s post, we share essential info about this. 

Across countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, people are playing Among Us in high numbers. The game has 100 million downloads. It has surged in popularity as more and more people are getting attracted to this multiplayer game. 

The Old Version of Among Us error is the newest error to affect the players of the game. Read on further to know more. 

What is this error all about? 

Individual players have reported that while trying to play the game, they received an error saying that ‘you are running an older version of the game. Please update to play online’.

The error prevents the user from playing the game. Individuals who’ve updated their app also complained about the same error. A majority of the complaints are from the people who play the game on either an Android or Windows device. 

The Among Us Old Version error makes many users annoyed, and they’re seeking help online to remove this error from other online users. 

Things to know about it:

  • Most of the reports are from the players who use Android and Windows devices. 
  • Many players are receiving this error. 
  • The error does not go away, even after updating the app. 
  • So far, it appears that the error is not showing up for iOS users. 
  • There is no statement from the game company.
  • People can report this error. 
  • People can try basic troubleshooting to fix this error. 

Who should know about it?

The players of the game, Among Us, need to know about the Old Version of Among Us error. Especially, the people who play the game on their Android or Windows device should be aware of the latest error. 

What are people saying about it?

On forums, people are posting about the error and seeking the help of other players. Many individuals are sharing hacks to eradicate the error. We came across a few posts in which people have shared step-by-step guides for the error.  


The Among Us Old Version error is popping up on many Android and Windows devices. Even though the app is well updated, the error shows up and does not go away. 

People are posting online to enquire about this error and trying to find out if there is a way to fix it. 

If you’ve encountered this error while using the Among Us app, then do leave a comment in the comments section given on the page. 

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