Brosmen com Reviews (Dec 2020) Is This Real Or Scam?

Brosmen com Reviews (Dec 2020) Is This Real Or Scam?

Brosmen com Reviews (Dec 2020) Is This Real Or Scam? >> Please read the review post to know if the online men-based fashion store is valid or not.

Have you explored the fantastic outfit’s collection on Please don’t make an order before reading Brosmen com Reviews

Men are not so selective in the matter of attire. But, when it comes to a special occasion, they want to look classy too. Keeping this point into consideration, an online shopping website ‘Brosmen’ brings all trendy, fashionable wear for men. You will get coats, pants, tracksuits, and much more with attractive rebate offers. 

It doesn’t matter you are residing in the United States or Sweden; the web store delivers items globally. 

The trend of online shopping is growing at a fast rate among buyers. But, you have arrived on this post to check- Is Brosmen com Legit? Please do not think twice anymore, because this review will provide the answers to all your queries.

An Overview of the Brosmen

It is an online fashion store that sells vast collections for men and boys. You can explore Coats, Blazer, Vests, Tee, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tracksuits, and Pants. The items are selling at reasonable price rates. 

At the moment, the store provides the below group discount offers:

  • BUY 3 GET 4th 50% OFF.
  • BUY 2 GET 3rd 30% OFF.
  • BUY 1 GET 2nd 20% OFF.

Additionally, you don’t have to pay the delivery cost if you shop over the order of $69. The above information is not enough to make an order. Therefore, please keep reading the Brosmen com Reviews to look more into the depth.

Essential Parameters of Brosmen com

  • URL of the official website–
  • Product– Men’s fashion apparel.
  • Delivery area– Worldwide
  • Shipping Criteria-Standard trackable shipping method will take 12 to 20 business days to deliver the product. On the other hand, expedited express shipping (DHL) shipping will ship your order within 9 to 16 business days. 
  • Delivery charges (Including the United States and Sweden)
    • Standard shipping-$5.95
    • Expedited express shipping–$9.95
  • Payment Mode-Debit card, VISA or other online payment methods.
  • All PayPal users will get 8 percent off while making payment. 
  • Exchange and Returns- Defective pieces can be exchanged or returned within 30 days after the order has been received. The products selling under the ‘sale’ category is not eligible for returns or exchange. 
  • Refunds- Refunds are granted if the product is unused and packed in the original form.
  • Order Cancellation-Get your full money back if the purchase order is cancelled within 24 hours after the buying request. If you have crossed the time limit of 24 hours, but it has not been shipped from the company’s end, you are still eligible for the partial refund. But, you need to pay 15 percent cancellation fees in this matter. 
  • Contact – and contact form.

Hence, these were the few important aspects of the Brosmen store. Please keep connected with the Brosmen com Reviews to know more.

Pros of Brosmen

  • You can order stylish blazers, tracksuits, and attractive winter outfits from Brosmen online store.
  • Place an order over 69 dollars and enjoy free delivery. 
  • Enjoy the group discount offers from 20 to 50 percent.
  • Get refunds on product cancelation and returns. 

Cons of the Brosmen

  • No direct contact with the team: The store hides the contact numbers of the company. You have to fill the contact form or send an email and wait for them to answer.
  • Long delivery time: This shopping store is not for you if you can’t wait long to get the order.

Is Brosmen com Legit?

The following are some key terms that is required to check the validity of the store and to know Is Brosmen com Legit or not?

  • New Website: The domain registration date tells the website has come into existence on 24-07-2020. Thus, it is just 98 days old. It is always a risk to trust new e-commerce stores.
  • No Social Media Presence: Brosmen is not present on the various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As per today’s trend, social media is one of the powerful tools for business purposes.
  • Company Details: Most essential information like store location, customer service contact number, and founder of the store is also not visible on the website.
  • No Client Reviews: We found Brosmen com Reviews on the web-pages of the official website, nor did we get relevant data during an internet search.

Hence, the above findings clearly state that the Brosmen store is not legit.

What are the customers saying?

Unfortunately, the website is not successful in attracting comments or feedbacks from the consumers. During our research, we could not able to collect data on the same. Moreover, the website is also not present on the social media platforms.


As per the findings, this men-oriented web store is offering fantastic cloth items at average discount rates. But, it has failed to complete the legitimacy criteria. Therefore, it is a highly suspicious website from our point of view. 

What is your opinion concerning Brosmen com Reviews and the website? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Brosmen com Reviews (Dec 2020) Is This Real Or Scam?

  1. I’m not sure if this an issue. My Norton Security show there is security issues with the website I chose not to go into the website. I’ve gotten burned with some other websites that I couldn’t get any contact information.
    So my model is
    If they don’t show a phone number for customer service I move on. If they are legit they will show a custom service phone number on their website

  2. I checked out the actual makers website for a Mckinley coat which Brosmen are selling half price for £50 approx! Please note the real thing is $2000 approx. I would say be careful.

  3. Es una trampa , tiene el mismo tipo diseño de página , muy buenas fotos , textos que una página de decoración donde ofrecían modelos escala F1 . Compramos y después revisamos , al igual que esta página , no había contactos , nunca llegaron los autos .

  4. considering the material involved (if genuine leather)the workmanship, no talking about taxes, and more, the product is too good to be true!be careful of scams.

  5. I ordered and sent an email to which they replied.
    On their website the feedback page showed 8 comments but they could not be read. Strange.

  6. This is regarding the “McKinley Cappuccino Spanish Merino Shearling Sheepskin Coat” listed on the brosmen website.
    On 7 days, from 10/22 -10/26, 10/29 & 11/01, they averaged about 4 “reviews” per day. I suspect they were purchased or copied from another site. One reviewer commented “I was in Telluride, saw the BrosMen store, went in and Lara, the sales consultant who helped me, showed me the coat.” I’ve been unable to find any record of a brick & mortar store anywhere. Another reviewer claimed “I’ve had this coat for just over a year. 2 winter seasons.” The calendar math doesn’t add up for a late October review. Probably because the review was copied from Overland’s website for a 2/11 review of the Jason Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket . I also found 2 more mirror websites ( & Other reviews have been copied from Overland’s website for the real “Jack Frost Leather Coat with Spanish Merino Shearling Lining” which retails for $2,795.00.

    Final conclusion: This is totally a SCAM.
    You get exactly what you pay for.

  7. Estaba por entrar a comprar en Brosmen, pero gracias a esta información he decidido no hacerlo. En efecto, todas las observaciones que se hacen sobre el sitio, son reales.

  8. Ordered a coat 3 weeks ago, expecting 9 – 12 delivery and noting yet. My card was billed by Sunjoy of Hong Kong.
    Have gotten 8 emails asking me to confirm my address but thy are all listed as “draft” .
    I think im screwed!

  9. It’s scam

    I ordered

    After several days waiting no shipping

    1. I reached customer service, they replied there were many orders with my number 2. I reached them again, thay said customs are a slow process (as if they already had shipped) 3. I reached again then they said it was a pre order so it would take time 4. I reached again and they again said customs is a slow process. I am trying to get my money back they reached me saying to talk to them and not make a claim with credit card service.

  10. I have to agree with the statements above, this is a bogus company!!!
    I ordered 2 coats and have been monitoring the order every since. I placed the order on November 16th, 2020, and received 2 emails right away. The 1st one reported there was a problem processing my order. Right after that I received a “Thank You For Your Purchase” email. ?? Now today I checked the email which was the 2nd one and upon hitting the tab for the status of my order, “The Web Page Provided Was No Longer Working” …. “CODE 404” Then I sent an email to the ‘so-called customer service email address to report that I am reversing the charges from my bank!! You can file a “Dispute Report” to your credit card company and they will reverse the charge.

  11. The company ad is a total fabrication and nothing of the truth. I made a purchase of the shearling sheep jacket, as pictured in the Longmire photograph. There is nothing sheep or leather about the jacket. It is all cotton polyester, light weight, and would make a mediocre sweater. It took weeks to get here, and it was too good to be true. Aa far as I am concerned, this is a total scam. I will not even seek a refund, as this company has no credibility with their products or service. This jacket in my opinion is worthless. You can only fool me once, there is no second chance.

  12. This site is definitely a SCAM – I ordered the McKinley Sheepskin Coat and paid via PayPal on 1/11/20 – got worried when the receipt was from China ( and wrote an email highlighting my concern to I received a reply not to worry and to be patient. I received a package today from Shanghai which contained the worst imitation coat I have ever seen – made entirely of polyester and cotton, smelling like a fish factory and an impossible fit – I ordered an XL which fits around my shoulders/chest, but sleeves are 10 cm short! The fit is not much of a problem though as I would never wear this garment.

    1. Got also screwed by them!

      Nice jacket on picture an a piece of cheap rag I would not even wash my car with.

      Complaining at PayPal now!

  13. I placed an order for a coat on 3 Nov. Received notification of shipping on 28 Nov but both the view my order and tracking number do not work. Cannot get a response via email. I am highly suspicious of this site.

  14. Well I finally received my Jacket.
    It’s very disappointing. It’s thin, very light, no substance, not suitable for cold weather, and not worth $69.

    It took a long to to arrive. The tracking system didn’t work. I did get positive responses from their email support, but still could track it.

    Anyway, overall is definitely DO NOT BUY if you want a jacket like they advertised.

    It’s a really cheap, lightweight, threadbare imitation.

  15. So now I find this review of Brosman. It took over a month to get my jacket. What a piece of junk, it is not sheepskin, does not have the zippered inside pockets, is made of 65/35 cotton poly material that is about the same weight as a hoody, the size is to small even though I got a 3xl. I waited over 45 dsys for this trash to be delivered and i will most likely not be able to return it because it was “on sale.”

  16. When my coat finally arrived over a month. It smelled like horse poop and no inner zip pockets as advertised the zipper was on the wrong side for a man , over all piece of junk. Don’t waste your money.

  17. Thus what they’ve been writing to me for a long time
    Hello Rafy,

    Order No: #1093

    Thank you for your reply. As per checking, the item/items SKU No: SPUUNH6MVVV that you have purchased is in PRE-SALE. We are very sorry but the item process will take longer than usual before it will be shipped out.

    If you are willing to wait, we will ship it out in first priority once it is ready later.

    Are you willing to wait for this item?

    Please let us know your idea.

    Thank you.

  18. I found this company difficult to deal with. Thay don’t want returns, and very difficult to get a refund. My coat had sleeves 5in to short. Have had to send photos, twice, if your thinking of buying a coat it’s not worth the hassle,

  19. I ordered the Spanish lambskin coat and paid extra for the expediated shipping. After over a month and no coat, I contacted paypal and filed a complain. All of a sudden it was shipped. What I received was a shirt jacket which is thin garbage and in no way the coat they advertised. I am again contacting paypal and requesting my money back. This site is a scam.

  20. I received a Longmeir coat after a long wait. Ad says sheepskin, is polyester and very thin. 2XL is about Medium. Quality is extremely poor.
    After reading reviews on returning, will just eat my loss and throw in trash. Would not give to Good Will. Avoid this sight.

  21. DO NOT BUY
    This is a soft SCAM. You will get a jacket but it’s a piece of junk.
    I wouldn’t even give it away as it would be embarrassing.

    It’s a thread bare piece of Cr-p.

    Not at all suitable for cold weather.
    No sheep skin or merino anything. Cheap super thin fake suede. I mean like 1mm. No padding or insulation.

    The delivery took ages and the return policy is a joke so you give up and lose your money.

    I could go but the bottom line it’s a scam.


  22. I agree with all of the reviews. These coats are junk. Thin and poorly made. Advertisement also said Made in USA. Clearly not true. I’ve reached out to them and they have asked for photos which I have sent. Not holding my breath. DO NOT BUY!!

  23. I ordered a leather coat and received a light cotton jacket. I am trying to get PayPal to refund me what I paid. Don’t trust them.

  24. On nov 5 2020 I ordered 2 of the Longmire coats and have been put off several times about my order. It is now dec 22 and still no coats.
    Doing a charge back tomorrow.

  25. Just received a jacket from their pop up ad on a site. Was supposed to be a “Lomgmire coat”. Looks more like a cheap fleece blanket.

  26. This site is definitely a SCAM – I ordered also the McKinley Sheepskin Coat and paid via creditcard – got worried when the receipt was from China ( and wrote an email highlighting my concern to I received a reply not to worry and to be patient. I received a package today from Shanghai which contained the worst imitation coat I have ever seen – made entirely of polyester and cotton, smelling like a fish factory

  27. Well, I feel like I was scammed. This “longmire Coat” was a joke and so poorly made it looked like a clown outfit. The response to my emails and request for refund has been a mushy response asking repeatedly for a reason for the return…I am going to my credit card company.

  28. SCAM ! Got fooled. Product that finally arrived is not even an attempt at faux-leather jacket, it is just a cheap piece of fabric with no form to it. TO BE BLOCKED INASMUCH AS POSSIBLE!

  29. A total scam, you will not get what you are expecting and they will not return emails. Don’t expect any kind of refund. They misrepresent their merchandise.

  30. This has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. First, my order took over a month to receive. Second, it was not made of the material it was described to be made of. Third, the size it was marked as being was incorrect. Did not fit. I contacted Brosman and after several weeks I finally received a response. I explained to the first person what had happened and that I wanted a refund. I send several e-mails to three different customer service people and still NO refund or contact. This company is a scam. Do not do business with any part of this company.

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