Thisworx Car Vacuum Review [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop

Thisworx Car Vacuum Review [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop

Thisworx Car Vacuum Review [Oct] Will It Legit For Shop -> Have a thorough reading of the post and know every feature of this car vacuum before getting one ordered for you.

Want to get rid of those tiny food crumbs in your car? Looking for a vacuum for removing those pet hairs and getting professional-level cleaning? Well, you don’t need to worry now as this thisworx portable vacuum will do all for you. This vacuum having long elastic tube nozzle has numerous Thisworx Car Vacuum Review online to assist you in making a wise decision.

You can see several car owners from the United States hunting for a compact vacuum for regular cleaning, and this vacuum stops their search. 

However, making such an investment and buying something that is to be used for a lifetime in a hurry is definitely not the right thing to do. So, online buyers must look for the genuine Thisworx Car Vacuum Review showing the real experiences of people who have tried the product and can guide well.

Let’s look at some other details.

What is this thisworx car vacuum?

This portable car vacuum from thisworx is a portable car vacuum and can be carried out anywhere easily. This vacuum weighing 1.09 kg can clean up to the most in-depth sections with the help of its narrow plastic tube nozzle. Users can also refer to online Thisworx Car Vacuum Review sections to have an idea of how conveniently it works.

Moreover, this car vacuum package contains a carry bag to store every piece of equipment, a long elastic tube nozzle, a narrow plastic tube nozzle, a brush nozzle, and a small brush for cleaning the nozzles. Furthermore, the users can pick one from two color options available.


  • Product type: portable car vacuum with long elastic tube nozzle
  • Product’s manufacturer: ThisWorx
  • Product dimensions: 34.04*10.16*10.92 cm
  • Product’s weight: 1.09 kilograms
  • Item model number: TWC-01
  • Folding: no
  • Average: 8.8 amps
  • Wattage: 106 watts
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Color options: two color options available; white and black
  • Product’s price: 8438 rupees (discounted price)

Pros of buying this thisworx car vacuum:

  • This car vacuum from thisworx is small in size and helps the users eliminate all the tiny particles, food crumbs, and even pet hairs from the car seats’ deepest corners.
  • A lot of users have called it a brilliant product in the online Thisworx Car Vacuum Review sections.
  • This car vacuum works efficiently for wet dirt also.
  • The filters used in this small car vacuum are washable, and the vacuum is easy to maintain.

Cons of buying this thisworx car vacuum:

  • A user has complained about the quality of the material used and shared her doubt about some unexpected accidents.
  • This car vacuum seems to be louder than any other option.
  • The power plug usually gets heated up in a while, making it difficult for completing the entire cleaning task.

Is this thisworx car vacuum legit?

This small-sized car vacuum for thisworx has gained considerable popularity among users in the United States and other countries. This vacuum offering a massive bunch of features, and professional level cleaning is available on different e-commerce stores like Amazon and Pinterest.

However, there are some negative comments in the online Thisworx Car Vacuum Review sections regarding the plugs’ quality.  

What are the users have to say about this thisworx car vacuum?

Online Thisworx Car Vacuum Review sections help the new viewers check how safe the product is to be used to buy one for themselves. Well, talking about this compact car vacuum, this has numerous positive comments from the users worldwide. A few users have mentioned that they are glad that they could find this excellent product and further said that this is entirely worth the price.

However, not all of them found it the same. A user has claimed that its plug melted in the cigarette lighter because of its cheap quality, which is quite unsafe. 

Final verdict

Based on all the online Thisworx Car Vacuum Review sections and the online contents, we want to share with you all that this product has some merits as well as demerits. This car vacuum is relatively popular among users and is available on well-known online shopping stores like Pinterest.

Moreover, this thisworx car vacuum has some negative reviews regarding the material’s quality and may lead to difficult situations. However, some users are calling it brilliant and entirely worthwhile.

Do tell us what you think about the product, can it be trusted or not in the comment section below. 

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