Amon Gus German Author (Mar 2021) Let’s Read It Now

Amon Gus German Author (Mar 2021) Let’s Read It Now

Amon Gus German Author (Mar 2021) Let’s Read It Now -> have a look here to know about the best storyline that is Murderers Among Us!

Do you know about the Amon Gus German Author, then please scroll down this article to know about the murderers among us film that are famous in the United States and United Kingdom.

It is one of the first best-known post-world War German film and the foremost Trummerfilm. The film was produced in the year 1945-1946. 

To know about the further details about Among Us Murderers film readout below, we will give a brief description of this German film.

What Is This Film Line About?

Let’s read about this film line, and its details and bout the Amon Gus German Author!

Die Moderna sind unter uns, is a German film commonly known as Murderers Among Us in English. It is one of the first Trummerfilm produced in 1945/46 in-studio named Althoff Studios located in Babelsberg. 

The name of the director and writer was Wolfgang Staudte. It was released on 15th October 1946, edited by Hans Heinrich.

The killer Among Us looks like a motivating book. Learn more about the book “killer Among Us” and its storyline below!

Let’s see further!

Amon Gus German Author :

The Murderers Are Among Us aims to give awareness among the public to observe those responsibilities for a cruel act done during the fights and wars. The Soviet people thought that this film line could help to re-educate people present around Germany.

Originally the film was named “the man I will kill,” but later, the title and script were changed because it was seen that Soviet people were afraid that audiences could interpret that title as vigilante justice.

The Television Debut Of This Film:

This film line was debuted on 15th October 1946 in Admiralspalast. It was debuted on television in November 1955 in the German Democratic Republic and federal republican television on 18th November 1971.

What Were The Reviews By Viewers Of This Film?

Its predicted that Amon Gus German Authors sold 6,468,921 tickets, and most of the Viewers gave a positive response about the film storyline.

Although some of the audience criticized that the characters’ dressing sense was made according to modern clothes rather than clothing that were common on those days among Berliners in the post-war period.

This film is known popularly by two names that is 1. Murderers Among Us 2. The Murderers Are Among Us 


So, these were the brief description of the Amon Gus German Author. We have cited all the authentic details about the storyline and the author in the article above.

So the primary aim of the story Murderers Among Us was to create awareness among the German people about the war situation responsibilities during post-wartime.

Have you read out the whole story or watched a movie on Murderers Among Us? Please share your views about the storyline. Do let us know whether it’s an exciting and informative story or not!

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