Reviews (Mar 2021) Let’s Explore! Now Reviews (Mar 2021) Let’s Explore! Now Reviews (Mar 2021) Let’s Explore! Now -> Are you all looking for summer hats online? Read out here to know whether an online store is suitable for buying hats or not!

Hey, readers, have a look into Reviews given in this content before you buy any product from is United States-based webshop and delivers its products to people out there. The web store seems to sell hats for boys and girls. So if you want to have complete detail on, stay tuned with us as we will present you all the essential facts relating to this web store further in our content.

As many of the web stores are launching every day in an ecommerce platform, all of them dosen’t seem worth buying. So it’s essential first to research Web store legitimacy and then continue making any deal from it. 

So let’s study in detail about below!

What Is

Stay with us if you want to have an idea whether Is Legit! is an ecommerce portal that allows people to purchase different types of hats in various colours. The website was registered on 29th December 2020, and it’s been only two months and a few days on the ecommerce platform to exist.

The web store sells summer hats which are generally worn when you are out for vacation on beaches. 

The web store has provided its customer’s service number so that buyers can directly contact the web store if they have any queries regarding the placement of orders or anything.

Read out the Reviews to know what have been buyers saying about this web store.

Specifications Of

  • – Ecommerce site selling summer hats for boys and girls 
  • – The email address of the website is
  • – The phone number of the customer service is 551 273 1659
  • – The office address of the web store is 185 Prospect Ave Apt 17k, Hackensack, New Jersey, 07601 United States
  • – Returns are accepted within thirty days after receiving the product 
  • – Refunds are made within one to seven business working days.
  • – The web store accepts payments only through a PayPal account 

Pros Of

  • – The web store has thirty days return policy 
  • – The web store offers beautiful summer hats.

Cons Of

  • Reviews are not cited anywhere online
  • – The web store is only two months and eight days old.
  • – The website trust score is unavailable 
  • – The web store doesn’t show its presence on Facebook and Instagram 
  • – The web store has only twelve to fifteen product to sell
  • – The about us page is missing the web store vision and aim
  • – The web store accepts payments through a PayPal account only.
  • – The cancellation policy of the web store is not known as we cannot find any information regarding the order’s cancellation on the online portal of

Is Legit? appears to be a suspicious web store due to many reasons that we are going to list below!

  1. The website is very fresh, and it has been only two months and eight days since to exist on the ecommerce platform. 
  2. The website has beautifully displayed hats images, but the information about the hat category is presented wrong. When you click on the boy’s hat option, the page gets displayed showing women’s hat results.
  3. The reviews of is missing.
  4. The About Us page of the web store is incomplete as it has not presented enough details regarding the website vision, aims and achievements. 
  5. The website doesn’t carry more than fifteen items that are put on for selling.

So, the website looks like a highly suspicious one! So buyers need to be aware of it!

What Are People Thoughts On Reviews? 

As we already know that is a very new web store, and due to this, the web-store has not collected any buyers feedback. We cannot find any reviews of anywhere.

Further, as the web store page is not present on social media sites, we cannot get any clue about the buyer’s response on the web store.

In this situation, we should wait for some time and see whether the website receives any good views about itself by customers in future.


The web store offers summer hats to people, and it has many suspicious natures, which gives the negative light on website legitimacy.

The Reviews are not shared anywhere. Further, there are many cons Of this website which gives us an idea that the store is a highly suspicious one.

So, we recommend the buyers not to purchase any items from as it may be a trap for you.

Which online store do you go to for purchasing summer hats? Please share with us below!

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