3080 20gb Cancelled {Oct} News On 3080 Graphics Card!

3080 20gb Cancelled {Oct} News On 3080 Graphics Card!

3080 20gb Cancelled {Oct} News On 3080 Graphics Card! >> Looking for Nvidia’s graphic cards launch & want to know cancellation reason, read the article.

The world is moving towards Artificial intelligence as it is the new future. The AI is replacing jobs at one time, but its evolution is changing the world. Many companies are focusing on AI, and one such company in the United States is Nvidia.

The company is famous in the gaming industry for its production of gaming chips and other equipment. Nvidia is in news for ‘3080 20gb Cancelled.’ This article will further read what 3080 20 gb is and how its cancellation affects the industry. 

You will further know what other chips are on the cancellation list and why it affects the gaming industry. You will also know that these chips were real, or were they only for namesake and were rumors. Read more detail below.

What is Nvidia?

Nvidia Corporation is an MNC from the United States responsible for designing GPUs that are Graphics Processing Units. The company is in the news for ‘3080 20gb Cancelled.‘ The GPUs will help in the gaming industry. The company entered the gaming market by launching many products like:

  • Shield Portable that is handheld
  • Shield Android TV
  • Shield Tablet
  • Cloud Gaming Service

The company was incorporated in 1993 and is now 27 years old. Owners of the company are Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowksy. The products include Graphic processing units, chipsets, tablet computers, automotive, drivers, television accessories, and central processing units.

What is 3080 20gb?

3080 20gb is a graphic card that has a GA102 graphic processor, 8704 cores, 272 TMS, 96 ROPS, memory size is 20 gb, and the bus width is 320 bit. The memory type is GDDR6X, and the gaming resolutions that are for this card are 640*480, 100*900, 1366*768, 1280*720, and three more classes.

There is news that ‘3080 20gb Cancelled.’ All the new games will run on this gaming graphic card. The product has eight thousand seven hundred and four shading units, there are texting mapping units that are two hundred and seventy-two in number, and the ROPS are 96 in total.

The pairing of 20GB card:

The company was thinking of pairing the GDDR6X memory along with the 3080 20gb cards. The memory interface is 320 bit. The frequency of the GPU is 1440 MHz that can go upto 1710. The launch price is around 799 USD, and it was supposed to come out in 2020 and is still not released. 


3080 20gb Cancelled’ says the company would launch the 3080 20 gb and 3070 16 gb in 2020. When the Big Navi AMD Company came up with graphic cards and reply to that, Nvidia came up with the 3080 and 30170 graphic cards. But, now, the company has withdrawn the 3080 20gb cards and 3070 16 gb card.

There are rumors that there was no existence of these cards, and it was just a competitor’s response to the graphic card launch of AMD.


The final line on ‘3080 20gb Cancelled’ is that Nvidia was launching two graphics cards when its competitor company came up with the graphic card’s launch. But, now the company has withdrawn the card launch, and now there are rumors that it was just debating, and the company was never going to release these cards as they never went into production.

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