Genexchild com (Oct 2020) Steps Taken for Girl Empowerment.

Genexchild com (Oct 2020) Steps Taken for Girl Empowerment.

Genexchild com (Oct 2020) Steps Taken for Girl Empowerment. . >> This article is about the program launched by the Government for the betterment of the country’s future.

Indian Government is taking some significant steps towards women empowerment and the betterment of the health facilities. Have you heard of them, or are you aware of the steps taken for the same?

If no, then you need not worry. This article about Genexchild com will inform you about all the steps the initiatives are taken by the Government to better the country and have improved the same. 

We have covered all the facts, and also have mentioned about all the strategies imposed by the Government towards the same. Read the article about a website in India that would help you gather the information about the same.

Genexchild com Details:

It is a website launched by the Indian Government towards the step taken to better the country’s health care systems. They have mentioned all the details about their programs and have highlighted the results and the changes noticed before and after implementing the same.

Genexchild com was an initiative to secure the girl’s future and empower their health and make sure that they are in safe hands in the future. 

They also work towards decreasing the gender gap in India by giving equal opportunities to both men and women.

What are the policies launched by Genexchild com?

They have launched various policies under the Genexchild com scheme, aiming to make the country a better place. Some of their policies are mentioned below:

  • Oxxy Health Care Program:

This was launched to make the country free from all the health problems, and have claimed that they have seen some significant changes after informing about it to the people and introducing the benefits of the same to them. This policy says that the residents can enjoy many benefits; some include discounted check-ups, free consultations, and many other benefits.

  • Swastha Bharat:

The initiative was done to organise health camps in various parts of the country for the people who cannot afford the doctor’s fees. It also says that they also inform the people about the primary health care routine they should follow for good health.

  • Girl Child Development Program:

This program was launched to decrease the gap between men and women, and the motive behind this was to ensure a safe future for the girls born. It also ensures that they get all the help they need from the Government.

Final Verdict:

You just read about the initiative Genexchild com taken by the Indian Government towards the betterment of the country’s health and ensuring a safe future for the girls born in the country. 

The initiative proved successful, and also many people are now a part of the same. They have appreciated the efforts taken by the Government to improve the county’s condition and also to empower women.

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