Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews (Apr 2021) Worth the Hype?

Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews (Apr 2021) Worth the Hype?

Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews (Apr 2021) Worth the Hype? >> This article provides comprehensive information on a fun service that involves drawing the digital sketches of your potential partner.

Do you want to get a sketch made of your soulmate by providing details of their physical attributes? Sounds so much fun, doesn’t it? Well, it indeed is. 

Master Wu Soulmate Drawings, an online companyis doing just that. It claims to have made drawings for thousands of customers all around the globe.

Many people in the United State are also willing to try Master Wu Soulmate Drawings. 

All this does seem so entertaining that you too may feel the excitement to order the drawing right away.

But, stay put. First, read Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews till the end to know if this service is worth or not.

What is Master Wu Soulmate Drawings? 

Master Wu Soulmate Drawings is a novel concept through which you can get the digital drawing of your potential partnerThe pictures are made by Master Wu, a Chinese genius who can make up to 5 drawings per day. Master Wu claims to connect love with his vision through his third eye, Chakra.


Just provide specifics about your soulmate’s physical features such as eye colour, hair colour, and face cut. Also add details of their clothes and accessories, if you want.

You have to answer five questions that help guide Master Wu to make the perfect drawing of your partner.

You get your drawing through email as a digital file. You can view this file in any web browser and also easily download and print it.

These soulmate drawings are very much in demand and come with a limited supply.

And can you believe, if you order today, you avail of a discount of 55% on one drawing? Under the present scheme, you can get your picture within 12 hours. Otherwise, the average delivery time is 24 to 48 hours.

Want to access Master Wu? We suggest that you wait as there is more to our Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews.

Specifications of Master Wu Soulmate Drawings:

  • Product- Digitally scanned drawings of your soulmate.
  • Website-
  • Contact- + 1 888 9977890
  • Email- 
  • Delivery- Scanned copy through email.
  • Time for delivery- 24 to 48 hours
  • Price- $9.95 for one drawing
  • Returns- Within 30 days
  • Refunds- Applicable
  • Mode of payment- Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal

Through the following Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviewslet us discover more if this fun service is just as cool.

Pros of Master Wu Soulmate Drawings:

  • A fun service meant only for entertainment
  • Digital drawing is shareable through social media and messenger App
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • You can track your order
  • 256-bit Https secure domain

Cons of Master Wu Soulmate Drawings: 

  • Only 3 Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews on the website
  • Facebook reviews are not very promising.
  • Digital drawings may differ from the actual person.
  • Unrealistic discount on drawing

Customer reviews on Master Wu Soulmate Drawings: 

Customer reviews are the most foolproof way to get information about a product, service, or website.

Therefore, we explored on Master Wu Soulmate Drawings website and also online to conduct in-depth research about this service. Let’s find out what we discovered.

Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews on its website is simply superb. All customers claim to be very extremely happy. 

Some even say that they could find their soulmate through these drawings. 

Customers have given a 5-star rating on the website.

However, customer comments on the internet are very mixed. Some customers say that the service is worth giving a shot for the cost of $9.95. They know that there is no guarantee of whether or not they will find their partner through soulmate drawing. Still, they seem to love this concept.

But, some customers have gone ahead to say that it is a total scam service.

Final verdict:

We would say that it is not a bad idea to start your journey to love with Master Wu.

In the conclusion of our Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviewswe suggest that there is no harm in trying it once. You can judge how you like it. 

It is, after all, a fun concept and very innovative too!

Also, one-time offer costs $9.95. You can again return and get a full refund within 30 days, if not satisfied.

If any of you have any experience with Master Wu digital drawings, please share it with us.

It will help customers know more about this pleasure time pass.

0 thoughts on “Master Wu Soulmate Drawings Reviews (Apr 2021) Worth the Hype?

    1. I had to get my drawing out of the “promotions” folder in Gmail. You can view all messages which will show all those emails too. Also check your spam folder. Did they ask you 5 questions?

      1. I got the questions emailed. It said if you didn’t fill them out then it will be a blind drawing. How long did it take you to get back?

      1. This had happened to me and I would reply all to their email promotions and finally got a response. It took almost a month and got my pic finally a few days ago.

  1. IF you approach it as total entertainment, then it is a little fun to see what he comes up with. Mine? I am a US citizen who got an image of a man who looks rather Arabic or maybe Mediterranean. Doubtful that I would meet anyone over there. But it is fun to look at and to play around with. Chances are that he goes onto your FB page an sees if there are any photos of men and then does a digital composite of all of them put together. I was charged an additional 9 dollars without knowing until I hit the pay button to go to the “front of the line” and get my results much faster. There was no option to chose this it was just “magically” there at checkout. I was never told about a refund. Scam?? maybe. But I am most definitely not going to be looking for “this” man to be in my future anytime soon!!


  2. Hi i recently bought it and i never got the questions and i ended up with a very well drawn picture and paid extra for a personality profile which was another 10$ practically. Like i keep seeing people say that there was questions to answer and i never got them and still received a drawing. I was not sure if it was post to be as editable as this article says where you change the features you want on the soulmate drawing or whatever but i did have fun. I am slightly skeptical but i also want to believe it too. In the email it said i would meet him within 2 years since the flash came so fast. Idk if that is wonderful theatrics or was a nice courtesy or truth. Either way i liked it but would like to see if it actually happens or not.

    1. I received mine in 48 hours and I swear to you the minute I paid the next nite the man I was seeing started pulling away from me and we had an awesome relationship only 10 months into it at this point and the sketch was an American with real short curly hair and a stragly close shaven beard and mustache with small eyes.. I hope I didn’t curse what I had with the man that is currently in my life, anyway I’m 54 the sketch the guy looks like he may be in his 30’s.. So I don’t know if it is a scam or not and I never got the 5 questions either. However the sketch does resemble my man’s roommate… So who knows.. My daughter is single so maybe I will have her try this and see what happens. Anyway to all those who are single I do hope you find your soulmate as well as I hope I find mine..

      1. By the way I was told two years also and I should meet him well come to find out statistics say a newly single wamon will only stay single for 2 to 3 years before they start to look again for a new relationship so I beleive that Mr.Wu and his culture don’t think Americans are very smart..

        1. Your description of the sketch is similar to mine. I wish I could share the picture for everyone to check if they got the same one: short curly hair, close shaven beard, mustache and small eyes. To add to that the translator of the email, “Julia” sent an affiliate marketing product called “His Secret Obsession” with an exhaustively written email centered toward single women, women looking for love, issues finding love with men, etc. I’ve spammed all communication from them. Spare yourself the energy and time, friends <3

  3. I just got mine and honestly after further investigation the description is the same for every drawing…Idk about the drawing itself…I put it on social media to see if anyone looks like him…unfortunately its a very generic look so its a lot of dudes that look similar ?

  4. I had the same thing like i am sceptical about but its was just 9.95 to be honest. So I just really did yolo. But for my picture i have a guy who someone what looks like he can be mixed with Hispanic, Asian, or somewhat indian all together. Like i hope i get to see this person but the thing about the dude Master Wu drawn looks like my friend but 2 years older lol. I still want to believe though so finger cross. I am getting lonely watching these K-Dramas by myself lol.

  5. Have you looked in your spam or junk email boxes??? I found mine in my promotions section of my Gmail account. It was labeled Master Wu drawing. I hope this helps you.

  6. I got mine and am in awe with the sketch he came up with the guy actually looks like my type and no Master Wu didn’t get the photo from my FB page maybe I just want to believe you never know lightning could strike very satisfied

  7. I did receive my drawing good drawing, he is mixed bi racial which fits me, I did not order any other service. I received the questions right away and the
    drawing with in a couple hours, maybe be standard said 2 years I could meet this person.

  8. For some reason, this just looks like a big scam to me. They prey on single people who are tired of being lonely. Fill their head with a lot of hopes and dreams and pray that they fall for it so they can profit from it. But at the end of the day, no one but God know who your soulmate will be. I just hope a lot of people don’t fall victim of this pathic scam.

  9. SCAM! Don’t Waste Your Money SCAM!
    My sister, my bestfriend and I ordered it. We knew it was probably a scam but thought it would be funny.

    Well guess what??
    It just sooo happens that my sister & bestfriend have the exact same soulmate!!

    See we all live in different states so “Master Wu” had no CLUE we would all know each other. Soooo Lazy, couldn’t even take the time to at least send out individual drawings to keep the SCAM going!!

  10. I got mine just as an experiment. I had it 2 days ago I looked at it and still remained skeptical. They sent me a drawing of a guy and the funniest thing is I’m not even straight. So according to them in two years I’m gonna turn straight. Honestly it was fun I was kinda curious to see what they were gonna send me a guy or a girl but I should’ve known they would’ve gone the traditional way. We should make a snapchat page for this thing so we can compare our drawings

  11. I have completed this… I am actually married dont know about happily, but also I have a daughter.
    Scam or not the drawing i received looks like an older version of a guy I recently met . The facial expression the drawing vs. The guy .. . The humor and kindness is spot on We talked one day the next I saw the ad and I was stunned.. no I’m not going to pursue him.. I have a marriage that I dont know if it will last much longer..if anything he has great potential to be a friend . I dont know whats in store for me in the next 2 years .. and he is a coworker surprise surprise

  12. I called on Oct. 26, 2020 and left a message regarding the email you sent me of a drawing supposedly my “soul mate”.

    Your phone recording stated that someone will reach out to me within 1 day.  Here it is 3 days later and no one called or emailed.

    I expressed my concerns regarding the drawing.  One of your requirements was to ask “5 questions” per your advertisement.  I never received a phone call or an email about the 5 questions and yes I checked my “spam folder”.

    How can Master Wu get an accurate reading or pick up on any vibes, vibrations etc… off a first name nor did you ask for a picture of myself.

    You do know that there’s hundred of thousands Michelle in the world.

    I’m a very intelligent woman who’s an license professional and who’s also a contractor for the Army in there Cyber Security department.

    With this being said, I’m inclined to believe that this is nothing but a scam.

    Before I go forth with my own investigation, I’m requesting a full refund as soon as possible to my credit card.

    Please find attached to this email my receipt and a screenshot of your money back guarantee.

    This so called description of my so call soulmate (see below) is nothing but a generic response. ?

    This reading in particular was quite detailed and came to me quickly. For this reason I feel there is a strong chance you will cross paths within the next 2 years.

    Friendliness: Loving
    Honest: Truthful and Sincere
    Assertiveness: Strong but not controlling
    Confidence: Bold and outgoing
    Able to agree: Yes
    Manners: Well respectful
    Discipline: High standards
    Rebelliousness: None
    Emotional capacity: Caring and selfless
    Intelligence: Book smart but also smart humour
    Positivity: Cup always half full
    Activeness: Active but not overly active
    Current emotion status: Resilient

    Thank-You Michelle,

  13. Hi. I ordered my drawing on October 25th. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t gotten any email from Master Wu. I answered the 5 questions and paid my $9.95. I checked my email including my spam. Nothing. Can someone help?

  14. When I wrote Master Wu with my order, there were no pictures on my facebook. I had deleted them all when my husband left me on October 11th. I had even changed my last name on facebook so he couldnt have searched by name. On October 17th, I found Wu’s site while watching youtube. I ordered it for fun. Long story short, when I saw the drawing looked nearly exact to my husband I actually gasped. My hands were actually shaking. I always knew he was my soulmate, but my husband doesnt understand these things. Anyway, if this Mr. Wu somehow takes the time out of his day to reasearch your life for 10 bux? Well, God Bless him. If he doesnt, then…..whats the alternative? Either way, Im good with the outcome. For me, it was verification.

  15. I ordered mine out of curiosity months ago. I actually forgot about it. Since then I met an amazing man who has changed my outlook on love and relationships and how they should be. Yesterday I got the email from Master Wu…the image I got looks so much like my man I almost dropped my phone. My man and I are not linked on any social media accounts and our relationship is super new so there aren’t even any pictures of us online. I showed him the picture and he was just as surprised as I was. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not.

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