Zynn Scam [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Zynn Scam [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Zynn Scam [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site? -> We have an app that enables you to create and edit appealing videos in just seconds.

Do you own an Apple phone and want to earn a handful of money by editing and creating videos? We have an app for you. 

Many people like to create mesmerizing and popular videos online to share with their friends and family. An app is available on the apple store that gives you money for sharing and creating videos. Today, we are reviewing whether Zynn Scam is true or not in the United State. After reading this article, you can easily create short videos to make memories and share them across the globe. Read till the end to find the precise details.

What is Zynn App?

zynn app reviews is an app that helps us in making short videos to create our content and discover our video editing skills. Stickers, effects, filters, and much more are available on this app for us. It gives us 15 seconds timer to make videos on different music and tunes, then shares them to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Through this app, we can connect with a-like people from the world and make our community online. 

We are getting so much in this app to discover, but can Zynn Scam be legit? We analyze every smallest detail to answer your question.

Specifications of Zynn App: 

  • App type: Short-Video Creation and Editing
  • In-app Purchase: Yes
  • Proprietor: Owlii, Inc.
  • From: California
  • Made in: 2017
  • Compatibility: iPhone
  • Language: English
  • App Size: 175.9 MB
  • Designed for: People above 12 years old

Is the statement “Zynn Scam” is true or not?

If we read through the app description, we find the Zynn app is a clone of TikTok. This app helps us discover fresh content customized to our needs and create professional videos for 15 seconds with special editing tools. It also has cool text effects and stickers that help us in expressing ourselves to the whole world. Just like TikTok, this app enables us to share our content or videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and others. 

After reading the reviews on the apple app store and description in detail, it is unfair to say that this app is a scam. Let’s find the pros and cons of installing and using this app.

Pros of Using Zynn App:

  • We can easily make appealing videos.
  • The app is free
  • It has user-friendly features.
  • We can get reward points by referring the app to our friends and family members.

Cons of Using Zynn App:

  • Only the English language is available.
  • It is compatible with only an iPhone.
  • We can only use PayPal for in-app purchases. 
  • Reward points only work for US citizens.

What did the Zynn App reviews tell us?

The app has thousands of users who have rated it 3.8 stars. Many users are satisfied with the app and are receiving their reward cash in dollars, whereas some users are dissatisfied because they do not earn rewards. The most recent reviews are both five stars and a one-star rating. You can read through the detailed comments to acknowledge whether this app will be beneficial for you or not. 

The users who have rated the app five stars are happy with the effects, filters, stickers, and reward policies. Whereas, the one-star rating ones are dissatisfied because they have not received the rewards regardless of them being in the United States. The only drawback of the Zynn app is that until and unless you are a US citizen, you will never receive the rewards. 

Final Words:

Zynn App is created in California by Owlii Inc for us to make and edit appealing videos by adding new filters, effects, and texts. It is a clone app of TikTok and has similar functions. The problem is that it is only compatible with iPhones of all versions. Android users cannot have access. It also only works in the US region, which enable only the US citizens to claim the rewards; rest just become the spectators.  


When we compare this app with TikTok, we find it has only 3.8 stars that makes it OKAY to install and use. It has many updates since it was created for the iPhones. However, the latest version has some problems, and the creators are fixing it for a better user experience. If you have or are installing the Zynn app, do let us know your experience and views. 


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