Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> In this article, our readers get to understand the kinds of products showcased on this portal.

Do you want to buy designer home gifts but don’t know where to shop? Well, Bnbur will help you to select the latest and designer home décor pieces that will reflect your style and personality much.

Bnbur Reviews helps in knowing that this site is widely recognized in the United State, and many homeowners have already purchased different items from this site. Shoppers can buy planters, wine racks, creamers, candles, etc.

Taking some extra effort to decorate our homes is not a bad idea at all. 

You will never feel disappointed when searching for functional home décor pieces at this portal. But before we start talking about its benefits, drawbacks, Bnbur.Club Reviews, etc. we want our readers to understand what this company is all about.

What is Bnbur?

Bnbur is one of the fastest growing online portals allowing the shoppers to buy designer and trendy gift items from their homes. Along with helping to express ourselves more effectively, home décor items can influence our mood as well. We feel happier living in a cosy and welcoming way.

No matter your style and preferences, you can get a chance to explore tons of options at this portal. The trained experts working at Bnbur pick the latest and hot-selling home décor items only that can catch shopper’s attention at first.

The way we decorate our homes is a great way to create the kind of space we love to see daily. Also, by selecting bold designs and patterns in home décor items, the homeowners can significantly enhance their personality.

If you want to create a calming and welcoming space with attractive coloured items, you must not look here and there, instead of visiting Bnbur at once. Decorating your home can be life-enhancing. It can help in making home warming parties more fun-filled and entertaining.

Why is Bnbur unique?

Along with offering a stunning range in home décor items, the company also helps the patents to select the best gifts for their babies and kids. Bnbur also ensures that the shopped products reach to the customers at the earliest.

Specifications of Bnbur:

  • Product: Gifts for kids & babies, home gifts, jeans, sweaters, etc.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Name of the Parent company: Bnbur 
  • Address: Suite 250, 1926 South 67th Street, Omaha
  • Contact number: 12563695004
  • Delivery time: Within 5-12 days 
  • Shipping fee: Free 
  • Exchange: Possible 
  • Returns: Within 30 business days
  • Refunds: Within 30 days.
  • Method of payment- Credit/debit cards, Stripe, Visa cards, PayPal, etc.

Benefits of purchasing from Bnbur:

  • Unlimited options in home décor items.
  • Tracking option available 
  • Huge discounts are available on many things.
  • Trendy designs in sweaters 



Disadvantages of buying from Bnbur:

  • Different details mentioned on the “About Us” page
  • Very rare Bnbur Reviews
  • Site looks similar to some other online portal
  • The same address is written somewhere else as well.

Shoppers’ reviews and feedback on Bnbur:

The home decorating decision you take plays an essential role in enhancing your home’s beauty and style.

The company tries its level best to make the best and trendy products accessible to the customers. Even the customers receive an email with exact tracking information mailed directly from the courier through which the items will be delivered.

There is no difference in option regarding the fact that this website offers trendy and unique designs in home décor items. But the address mentioned on the site is available on some other portal as well. 

The same address written somewhere else is one of the main reasons for growing concerns among the shoppers considering buying from this site. Also, Bnbur.Club Reviews disclosed that the ordered products were not delivered to the customers. 

So we firmly believe that this site is not legal, and thus, shoppers should not buy the required home décor items from this site.

Final Verdict:

Choosing the best home décor items are essential as it can influence your confidence and productivity level at home. So, you must go ahead and get new pieces for your home to create a favourable living environment inside homes.

But we suggest our shoppers not make any purchases from this site as there are so many disadvantages to buying from this site. We recommend shoppers to look for some legitimate websites rather than falling in some online scam.

Do check all details before placing an order at Bnbur.

0 thoughts on “Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

  1. Is a scammer!! They send you a tracking number for the item. Somehow it shows delivered without you receiving anything. The package dimensions In the tracking do not even match the product purchased, but when trying to file a claim through PayPal, the answer from PayPal is that as it shows delivered they honor the seller. Stay away from this website!!!!

  2. Total scam. Ordered a large deck umbrella and they sent a package of face masks. Told them I don’t want the umbrella as I needed it for a special event and had to buy something else. They told me they were charmed a $20 restocking fee…for an item they never sent me. Had to call my cc company and report it. SCAM!!!!

    1. I ordered a 5 piece patio set they also sent me some face mask. I wrote them back telling them who I worked fir and what could possibly happen to them. They resent my table set per they say im waiting on it now. Will let everyone know if it comes.

    2. I also ordered from this site. A pergola. Said it was delivered to my mailbox. Haven’t received anything!! I am done with PayPal as well if they cannot back up the customer???

  3. Such a scam. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They sent me facemasks instead of patio chairs for fathers day. Thankfully I filed a chargeback with my bank as soon as it happened so I got my money back. They offered to resend and they sent a fake tracking number. AGAIN DO NOT ORDER.

  4. SCAM!!!! Ordered to chaise lounge chairs, recieved two MASKS! They gave me the track# and then it says delivered. That is when I got the masks!

  5. This company is a SCAM. Do not order anything from them.
    Ordered 2 chairs. Received face masks. They are a FRAUD.
    Address and contact info are fake.
    I am going to keep chasing them until i get some kind of resolution-see the 2 emails below if you want to chase after them for getting caught in their fraudulent activities.
    ‘’; ‘’

    1. Same They set me face mass to then a to month a reset it but the tracking number was in good now they’re telling me that they will give me 60% of my money back and the ugh the rest would go to pay for shipping I didn’t receive anything so why should I pay for shipping. This is a fraudulent company

  6. I ordered a Gazebo 4 months ago, they sent me a set of masks as well, I complained and threatened them so they said they would send my order out again, after waiting 3 weeks suddenly my order was lost while it was in Anaheim where I live. So therefore I complained again where they said the’ll send my order out again and give me a new tracking number, I was able to use the tracking number for about a week and then it no longer worked, I contacted them and requested my money back only to receive an email from them saying I have to pay a $15 fee in order for them to put my $55 back into my account. So ridiculous. They definitely are a scammer company and need to be shut down.

  7. This a fraudulent & scam site…I ordered merchandise & received masks from china. They offer to gets lost somewhere…they offer to reimburse & then delay that as well…so do no buy.

  8. I sent for a swing set and they sent me a pack of mask now they say they’re going to reorder it send it they are scam they are thieves do not use this website it’s a shame people steal your money but they do

  9. Yes unfortunately I bought 3 things and never got until today I got 5 mask so I am calling the tv programs since I have family works there so they could report this.
    This is so sad that they scam to too many people.

  10. Yes, they’re a scam….of course I’m only finding it out after I purchased from them. I have now disputed the charge with my CC company and I can only hope that others will see this and steer clear! I noticed today that their website seems to be shut down.

  11. I have been going back and forth with them since March 2020 on a purchase. Never received it despite the fact they said they shipped it and gave me tracking. Then, they said they resent it. Still nothing. I demanded a refund. I am still waiting on that and it has been 2 months. They keep saying the bank needs time to process it. They are a scam. DO NOT buy from them.

  12. Scam scam scam, these stupid pieces of s*** don’t even have anything to sell. All they wanted your money and then to dick around with you about the item you supposedly bought and dick around about the refund for the item that you never got. Don’t order from these stupid people I hope they get coronavirus and die

  13. Be careful. It is a scam. Purchased an item , they sent you a tracking # but if you get anything, it will be like (3 disposable masks) and nothing to do with your order; dimensions and weight of the purchase don’t even match the supposed package; they show package delivered or missing and they keep telling you that they will sent it again and again. This needs to be reported for a complete shut down of websites like this which are trying to get the money of honest and innocent customers. If you already purchase keep trying to get your money back.

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