Write For Us + “Blockchain” – Check Suggested Topics!

Write For Us + “Blockchain” – Check Suggested Topics!

The article discusses the need of the content contributors for the Write For Us + “Blockchain” segments and describes its features.

Can you write the content on Blockchain? Can you offer the blogs, articles and statistical reviews on the Blockchain? Presently there is an opportunity if you can write the topics on this factor. A famous content portal offers content contributors to write on this particular topic.

The main objective of the topics is to offer the best information to crypto investors and buyers. Know about Write For Us + “Blockchain“. 

Know About Us: Mecedorama.com? 

We are one of the famous portals Mecedorama (www.mecedorama.com), which publish content on various subjects and educates readers on multiple issues. We generally deal with content like news articles, reviews, and cryptocurrencies. We inform people about genuine and reliable information worldwide. 

We also publish news, articles, blogs, web blogs and reviews on the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. We generally offer daily updates on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. For this reason, we need some content contributors for our portal. 

Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post– Check the Guidelines and Other Protocols

As an organized company, Mecedorama maintains some application guidelines and writing protocols that help us to select the best content contributors to our portal. Check out the protocols. 

  1. The article length should be in between 500 to 1000 words.
  2. Please don’t use aggressive and unethical words in the content. 
  3. Content writers should write informative content. Don’t repeat the information. 
  4. Maintain the keyword selected density for 0.75 to 1 %.
  5. The spam score should not cross 3 per cent. 
  6. For Write For Us + Blockchain, the content writers must maintain a 99 plus grammar score. 
  7. Writers need to offer original content. The plagiarism score should not be even 1% percent. 
  8. The authors need to use “Internal” and “External” links correctly, and they should “Highlighted” the external link as green and bold with crux phrases.  

Blockchain “Write For Us”- Advantages for the Writers

  • The authors can have significant numbers of readers (10000 plus) for our popularity. 
  • The writers will gain a high “SERP” ranking from the readers of the blogs. 
  • Guest posters will also get well-defined keywords from the SEO. 
  • You have to write the blog only once and it will remain active for lifetime, no need to make it premium by costing it. 

The Best Blogs You Can Submit

  1. How do the Blockchain’s Protocols Work? 
  2. Basic Technical Features of the Blockchain.
  3. How to Know about the Account Protocols of the Blockchain? 
  4. How Blockchain Can Help the Investors? 

Communication Protocols

If you can write on the topics with all the guidelines, send us your content to our official email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. After the evaluation, our team will content you within 24 hours. 


Avail of the Blockchain “Write For Us and send the content to us. Please also note that Mecedorama will enjoy the full copyright on the published content. We will have the editing authority as well. But we can assure the content contributors will get the best help from us. 

You can also ask a question about your quarries. Check the link on the Blockchain matter.  

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