Bitcoin Write for Us – Guidelines For Contributors!

Bitcoin Write for Us – Guidelines For Contributors!

This detailed post gives readers a complete understanding of the Bitcoin Write for Us subject. If you’re interested, then follow our guidelines.

Are you interested in writing and want to share your knowledge and understanding on bitcoins? Write for us and share your original and fascinating bitcoin blog on pre-made audience! We welcome guest authors to submit articles on bitcoin.

Because this is trendy, many audiences are asking for information related to bitcoin. We have some of the best posts on the internet in the cryptocurrency niches; thus, we can’t accept articles that don’t follow our criteria. Before writing Bitcoin Write for Us, ensure you follow our guidelines. Read the article to know about our guidelines.

Know About Our website:

Our website serves as a dynamic information base for users worldwide. We primarily provide our audience with specialized content so they may read our articles and stay up to date with us. 

In our news, we aim to engage our viewers in a discussion about recent events across the globe. Through our cryptocurrency articles, we also provide the latest information about bitcoins for our readers. Our crypto area needs additional information; thus, we are open to new and experienced writers.

Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post: Terms and Conditions –

  • Between 500 and 1000 words should be used.
  • The content’s Grammarly score must be higher than 97%.
  • Our preferred keyword density for writers is 1%.
  • Remember to include both external and internal links while writing articles.
  • The character must fall within the 65-character limit. Try to use exciting headers.
  • You can add extra information rather than using the same information again.
  • Try to write your material in an active voice. Please don’t submit more than 5%.
  • To be sure the material you upload is 100% unique, always use the premium Copyscape tool.
  • Before submitting the Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog content, maintain the spam score below 3%.
  • Be careful not to use filler words when writing. Articles require subheadings, and each paragraph is limited to 70 words.
  • The blog’s language and material should be clear and easy to understand.
  • The article should not contain any promotional material.

Advantages for Writers:

  • You may quickly get organic traffic by using our portals.
  • If you create SEO-optimized content, your post will start to rank immediately.
  • There are thousands of active users on our website.
  • You may significantly raise your SERP ranking by obtaining high-quality natural backlinks via creating Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us”.

How Can You Submit?

At the email address, the content authors can send their writing. Our editors will review the material. We will confirm the outcome within 24 hours based on the results of our review and our satisfaction with the quality of the content supplied.


Our vision is straightforward and all-encompassing. We want the writers who contribute to our portal to learn more about the new field of professional writing. Please be informed that the team will have complete custody of the published information and the right to change it. 

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