How to Write an Explanation Essays? How Can I Help my Child Enjoy Writing Essays?

How to Write an Explanation Essays? How Can I Help my Child Enjoy Writing Essays?

Write an Explanation Essays: An explanation essay implies a statement of one’s thoughts on a given topic. It could be a review of a book you have read, an account of your attitude toward a social phenomenon, and the like. To write an argument, it is important to look at the problem from different angles and draw conclusions. Examples: “What is friendship”, “How does society affect a person”.

Writing an essay takes a lot of time. You need to study the information and analyze what you read. Students always have little free time. Especially students who have part-time jobs. If I urgently need help with an essay, I ask academic writers to edit my paper on the best online service. Many students entrust their assignments to experts.

Before you begin work on the essay explanation, try to discuss with your child about the given topic, let him express his attitude toward it, and explain why he thinks this way and not that way. From these discussions and perhaps even arguments, your child can compose material for his work.

The structure of an explanation essay

  • Introduction

In this part of the essay, the author experiences his thoughts on the main problem. The author should engage the reader from the first sentences. The most common question from students is how to start the essay and get the assignment done quickly? We advise starting an essay with a quote. Choose the expression that best fits the topic and back it up with your statements. You should indicate your agreement with the quote or make an argument against it.

  • Arguments

In the main body of the paper, the author needs to argue his point of view. Each reader needs to understand and agree with you. You can provide statistical data, cases from your own life, or the opinions of professionals. If two opposing points of view may be true in your essay, describe the arguments on both sides. The reader should agree with you that there is an alternative point of view that is valid.

  • Conclusion

At the end of your essay, briefly summarize all of the above. Try to convince the reader of the importance of the topic. Tell about the ways of solving the problematic issues.

A good school essay must be well-reasoned and have a clear structure. You can choose the topic of the essay yourself. In some cases, the teacher sets it. If you are lucky, you will find an interesting and easy topic. But it is also possible that you will get a difficult theme to write about. Then we advise you to find the best paper writing service to get help with the assignment.

Students write essays so that teachers can check how they remember information, whether they can analyze it, and how well they can express their thoughts in text format.

Why an essay writing is useful?

Essays teach you to think. To write a good essay, the author inevitably needs to analyze information well and be able to quickly find the right information.

The essay teaches the student not only to find information but also to verify the facts found.

The process of writing an essay develops the student’s logic. Since all writing assignments have a certain structure, you need to be able to organize the text in a logical sequence.

Essays teach everyone to think creatively. Kids love to stand out from the crowd. You need to be imaginative and write original texts. If you don’t want your essay to be like the essays of your classmates.

How to love essays writing

If you want your child not just to learn how to write formulaic essays, but to get a taste for literary creativity – we offer some simple tips.

Suggest that your child start a personal diary or blog. Let him try to describe interesting events in his life, meetings with people, impressions of books and movies, reflections on what’s bothering him. Such entries are also a kind of essay, they will help you learn to analyze and competently construct sentences.

Foster your child’s love of reading books, especially classics, which are a huge help to those who want to learn how to write essays correctly. Books broaden your vocabulary, teach you how to put sentences together, develop your imagination, and make you think. The book will have a greater effect if the child writes a review on it after reading it. This is not only additional practice but also an opportunity to “digest” the information. 

Enroll your child in a literary club. There are writing schools, literary clubs, journalism clubs, and youth newspapers that teach how to write beautifully and competently. Often such groups send their authors to creative competitions – interesting tasks and prizes will help awaken your child’s interest in writing.

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