3 Ideas and Tips for Using Clocks in Home Décor

3 Ideas and Tips for Using Clocks in Home Décor

Clocks in Home Décor: The whole point of home décor is to add personality, style, and interest to your home. It tends to be based on the items that you like, which represent your style and may be trending at that moment. But sometimes décor needs to serve a practical purpose as well, and that is the case where clocks are concerned.

Having clocks in your home is just practical, but there’s no reason they need to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, here are three ideas and tips for using clocks in the home as décor, giving them a stylish look. 

Wall Clocks are the Simplest Solution

If you want to keep the décor simple and work a clock into the space in a seamless manner, a wall clock is the best solution. You will need to decide between a digital or analog wall clock, keeping in mind your choice will help determine the style and vibe that it gives off. A digital clock will feel modern whereas an analog wall clock can feel more traditional and classic. That’s not to say there isn’t some design leeway with each, it’s just a general rule to follow.

After choosing the ideal style, give thought to the material/finish, the size of the clock, the colour, and the overall design. Does it work with the rest of the décor in the room? What about the colour palette in your home? How about the style of the furniture? Any time you bring a new design element into an already finished space, it needs to compliment that room.

The final tip for wall clocks is to try to hang them at eye height. It needs to be easy and comfortable to view, so that is the ideal height.

Use a Clock as a Statement Piece

For many homeowners the plan is to pick a clock that fades into the background, so to speak, it works with the existing décor and doesn’t stand out. But what if you like the idea of making it a focal point? Maybe you want your clock to act as the piece of interest in the room. This can be a great way to modernise a space, breathe fresh life into it, and play off other elements in the room.

A couple of tips you can use when selecting a statement clock are to purchase an oversized clock that takes up a large portion of a wall. People can’t help to notice it when they walk in. You can also choose a clock with ornate or unique features such as hands or numbers that are intricate in design. Then there is the material, you can get creative with the material you choose. Common options are metal, wood, glass, or even a combination of colours. And speaking of colour, that is the other tip in that you want to pick a colour that pops in the room rather than blends in.

Do You Want/Need an Illuminated Clock?

Finally, ask yourself if the clock needs to be illuminated? You can find illuminated analog and digital clocks, which make it easy to read any time of the day or night. This comes down to practicality, how much of the clock is being used as home décor versus practicality? If you’re feeling unsure, try looking for an illuminated clock that lets you adjust the brightness. This helps to create the exact right level of ambience in the home.

Clocks Can Be a Beautiful Design Element

While not often seen as a décor feature, clocks can bring a lot to a space besides just a practical function. These tips will help you to maximise the use of clocks in your home décor plan.

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