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Wicboom Face Masks UK Review [June] Is It A Genuine One?

Wicboom Face Masks UK Review 2020

Wicboom Face Masks UK Review [June] Is It A Genuine One? -> Read this article if you are trying to purchase face masks online.

The current scenario commands protection of all in the family, even the little ones. But are there kiddie size masks available? Yes! Visit the Wicboom Face Masks website. 

It is common knowledge that everybody can catch the virus, and it is in the best interests of the citizens to ensure individual safety. The CDC has been advising the use of facemasks when venturing out. 

Wicboom Face Masks UK Reviewaims to tell you about a United Kingdom brand that sells printed masks for adults and children. The website has more to offer, and you will find that out in the next subheadings.  

You will also find out whether the site is worth purchasing from or not! So, ensure you are reading the post until the very end. 

What are Wicboom Face Masks? 

These masks are sold at the e-commerce site The Wicboom Face masks are available in 4 varieties—these range from the disposable ones, respiratory masks, sports masks, and printed kid’s mouth masks. 

Apart from this, the website also sells disposable gloves, safety goggles, digital thermometers, and a set of replaceable activated carbon filters for the sports facial mask. You will find a full description of the masks, which will help you get a clearer understanding of which works best for you. 

It is essential to keep in mind that numerous websites pop up and take advantage of the growing need for protective gear. The prices can be modest, but one cannot be sure of the legitimacy of the products. 

What is unique about Wicboom Face Masks? 

Under the current advisory, masks are mandatory when venturing out of the house. The Wicboom face masks are available in 4 variants are all FDA approved. It will tell you that they could be safe to use. 

By reading the product details, you will know that they are made of up-quality materials to ensure protection. For about 35.99 pounds, you can get 50 reusable masks, which is the right quantity and will last you a long time. 

The product details being clear and concise are an excellent way to help customers make conscious decisions. There are also varieties available so that you can purchase as per your need. It is what makes the site unique. 

Specifications of Wicboom Face Masks

  • Products- face masks 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 3146490173
  • Shipping/processing time- not provided 
  • Delivery time- 7-15 days 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Return- no information is provided 
  • Refunds- no information is available 
  • Payment- you can only make an online payment on the website 

Pros of purchasing the Wicboom Face Masks

  • The quantity supplied is good 
  • They are priced at budget-friendly prices 
  • All masks are FDA approved 
  • The product description is complete with size and material information 
  • The company possesses a certification of registration 
  • Making purchases from the website is easy 
  • The site possesses an SSL certificate
  • You can make secure online purchases without your data being misused 
  • They provide contact information to ease troubles 

Cons of purchasing the Wicboom Face Masks

  • There are no precise shipping details provided 
  • All the products seem to be out of stock 
  • There are no refund details provided
  • You will not be able to make easy returns 
  • Same products can be purchased locally without much hassle 
  • Shipping currently closed for the USA 
  • The website was recently set up 
  • The site lacks any social media presence 

Customer reviews of the Wicboom Face Masks

The website is new and lacks reviews. We know the Wicboom Face Masks website is unique as it has a recent creation date address. Today, numerous sites are being made to take advantage of the growing need for safety masks and other gear. 

No reviews being available is a bummer as most customers rely on them to get an understanding of the experience they will be facing. There are also no reviews available online as well! 

Final verdict- 

Through this Wicboom Face Masks UK Reviewwe wish to tell the readers that you must tread with caution. The above analysis would have told you that the site shows FDA certification as well as a certificate of registration, which could be false certificates. 

Another essential thing to notice is that the about us section of this face mask website gives no information regarding its makers. It makes us not recommend the site. share your reviews in the comments below if you have made purchases from the site.

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  1. ARNAQUE! Fraudulent website? Still waiting for my masks after more than 14 days….
    I think I lost my money: I have never received my order after more than 14 days of waiting…
    The customer service do not answer to my complaint and do not give me any information about this delay, or that fraud…
    Going to inform the French fraud authority!! You have to flee from this website!

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