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Rosedoris com Reviews [July] Read Post Before Shopping Here

Rosedoris com Reviews [July] Read Post Before Shopping Here

Rosedoris com Reviews [July] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> In this article, we get to know about the site with its clothing and accessories.

Do you think that your closet needs more clothing and accessories? If yes, then you can get these easily on the Rosedoris com. The site will help fulfill your desire and let you get more of women’s apparel and accessories as you would love to have.

Every woman in this world loves shopping, and they feel much happier when they have a lot of clothes and matching accessories in their closet. Now, if you are fond of shopping, then this site is going to fulfill your desires. You will quickly get a lot of stock of fashion.

According to the Rosedoris com Reviews, we get to know that the site is functional in the United States. In this site, you can get a lot of trends such as jumpsuits, tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories. 

Reviews also tell us that rosedoris clothing will help you get the ultimate fashion closet with all the trendy and beautiful clothes and the matching accessories. These all are so alluring that you can’t resist yourself from buying it.

Before we get on to the specifications of the site, let us see what Rosedoris Com is?

What is Rosedoris Com?

Rosedoris Com is an online portal that helps you to get fashionable accessories and clothing online. These are being divided into different categories as per the trends. You can get new in style, the best seller, and the trendy tops, shoes, and accessories, all just in one store.

The online portal wants to provide you with unique clothing. These are developed with highly professional suppliers. 

The quality is maintained, and they interact with the production houses to fulfill the selection process. You will get everything that you wish to have and that too at reasonable prices. You will be able to shop more at lower prices.

What is so unique about Rosedoris?

The most important thing that you need to know about the site is that you get a lot of products just on one single page. You get a wide range of products for your closet. 

There are several trends. You get beautiful jumpsuits, tops, shoes, dresses and even accessories. The prices of the products are highly affordable, and you can purchase them easily.

The specialists develop the products keeping in mind the demands of customers. They also keep in mind the quality that is required. There is a wide range of products. 

Before you purchase any product, we recommend you to go through the entire blog.


  • Product: Dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, and bottoms
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: Suite31a,PhilpotHouse,Rayleigh,Essex,SS67HH 
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: 13-25 days
  • Shipping fees: free above orders of 129$
  • Returns: Within 15 days
  • Refunds: After inspection of the product
  • Exchange: Not discussed
  • Mode of payment: Online Payments

Pros of buying from Rosedoris Com:

  • Wide range of products
  • Affordable prices
  • Trendy and fashionable clothing
  • Domain name involves .com which is common

Cons of buying from Rosedoris com:

  • No social media involvement
  • Only online payments
  • No contact number provided
  • No details on the exchange of products

Customer’s feedback on Rosedoris com:

We get to know that the site is new and recently created by going through the site and the information that we get. This site has low traffic. Since the site is unique, therefore the customers cannot rely on it.

There is no social media presence of the site; therefore, the site cannot be trusted. The customers cannot rely on it as they do not find the presence of the section on the internet as well. Also, critical customer reviews are not found, so we cannot find his site genuine.

The email address that the site uses is a free mailing address. So you cannot assume that you will get any reverts.

Final verdict:

The customers cannot trust the site as it is not an official site. The site is launched newly and sells women accessories and apparel. The site is found to be a scam.

We cannot be sure about its authenticity due to the lack of information on the site. There are no online reviews that further degrade its legitimacy. 

The site lacks ratings and reviews and cannot gather the trust of customers. Thus, we recommend our users not to buy products from the site as it is not a valid site.

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  1. I ordered 4 tops on June 14, 2020. My Credit Card was billed on June 15, 2020. The payment went to an entity in Hong Kong.

    I have emailed 3 times asking for status of order with only generic automated e-mail response. The ‘Tracking’ link on their site only shows my order confirmation and not status.

    It is now July 7, 2020. Think this site is a scam. If not, they have a lot to learn about customer service. Even if my order eventually arives, I would NEVER place an order on this site.

    BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!

  2. I ordered a M size dress…when the invoice came it stated I ordered a S…I responded that the order was wrong I was told the cost to return was high and offered a 15% cash back to have the dress altered…S to M how do you upsize a dress by altering? NOT. I will only get 15% of my money returned. How dishonest…it is theft.

  3. I ordered a top on June 7 and still have not received it. The email response was it’s on it’s way, be patient. Has anyone actually received their order?

  4. I finally received my order after waiting six weeks. They charged me immediately. Customer service terrible. When I inquired about my order, just got automated responses. I am missing one of my items that I was charged for. Contacted them, and not expecting to get a good resolution.
    The clothes are very cheap looking and not at all what they look like on website.
    Live and learn.

  5. I ordered 5 items June 11th and received only 3. I raised a dispute and the seller gave me some tracking numbers. Tracking still states that it is in transit and has never reached the US. Still trying to get a partial refund but was told it was doubtful I would be successful. Don’t order from ROSEDORIS.

  6. I ordered two dresses on June 10th and my credit card was billed immediately. It took six weeks for one dress to arrive and the quality was mediocre at best. The second dress was back-ordered, so I emailed them to cancel it. After numerous emails, I was finally credited on August 21st. I’m not sure if this site is a scam or they are just inept.

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