Who Owns Mewe (Nov 2020) You’ll Find It Out Here

Who Owns Mewe (Nov 2020) You’ll Find It Out Here

Who Owns Mewe (Nov 2020) You’ll Find It Out Here -> The website we are talking about today is a Social Networking platform that can connect many people.

In this outgrowing world of social media and digital advancement, every company and individual is getting on board and is mainly focusing on their digital presence and status. The website originates in the United States and is accessible worldwide. The website has gained most of its members from Australia.

As we advance in this article, we will find out about Who Owns Mewe. To know about this, let’s first find out what MeWe exactly is? MeWe is a social networking site that helps many people outshine and gives them a platform to showcase their presence and talent. 

This can be accessed on the website, or the MeWe app can be downloaded anywhere. It is accessible worldwide. Let’s find more about it.

Who owns MeWe?

Mewe is a social networking website or an application accessible worldwide and has gained the right audience of the period. The answer to Who owns Mewe: It is a privately held business owned by Mark Weinstein and was founded in 2012.

He is professionally a privacy advocate and is potentially the visionary behind MeWe. He is also a good writer and wrote SuperFamily and SuperFriends, appears on today’s social and chat networks and is also a known personality amongst millenniuls. After being a leader in the field and gaining a good stand, he was finally known to author the “Habitually Great” book series which was later endorsed by the late Dr. Stephen Covey. He became an influential technology consultant/advisor.

Specifications of MeWe

    • Website: https://mewe.com/
    • Type of website: Social Networking
  • Founded in: United States
  • Who Owns Mewe: Mark Weinstein
  • Website age: 18 Years 6 Month 7 Days
  • Audience: Both Male and Female
  • Age preferred: 16 above.
  • Platforms: Application & Website
  • Application compatibility: IOS and Android

Customer reviews on MeWe

After answering the question: Who owns Mewe? We want to move further and give you more information about this application and the owner.

While researching the website and its owner, we found some customer reviews that can be of value to this article. The customers that have used this application/ website have both negative and positive reviews. The application is an excellent platform to connect to new people and get to know them. Some people reviewed that the application has many bugs lately and is creating problems for the past few months. People also said that the UX Designs and effects are also not too impressive and average.

Thus, this website/application is not getting so much hype and cannot be compared to the market’s leading ones.

Final Verdict

This article was about Mewe, Who owns Mewe and its details. The company was founded by Mark Weinstein in 2012 in the United States and has gained popularity in Australia. We have shared the point above, and while concluding, we would like to say that customers are currently facing issues while using the website and are reluctant to use it. Thus, the website needs to fix the bugs and improve the design to make it more user-friendly and gain more users.

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