Parlor Stock Symbol (Dec) – All Details About Parlor!

Parlor Stock Symbol (Dec) – All Details About Parlor!

Parlor Stock Symbol (Dec) – All Details About Parlor! >> This article will brief you about one of the leading app and its details. Please check the information now.

Are you also the one who wants to know more about the Parlor Stock SymbolIf yes, then this is the perfect place you can be. We are going to discuss every aspect of the Parlor app and its stock features in this article. This app has been launched in the United States

We will try to gather every bit of information related to this and give that to you. So, we request our readers to read the article to the end, so you don’t miss any vital information or detail. We will try to help you in forming an opinion about the Parlor app

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What is Parlor?

The parlor is an app that connects people in the form of conversations with each other. This app was founded on May 1, 2011. The legal name of this app is Parlor Inc. the headquarters of this app is located in the Greater New York area, East Coast, Northeastern United StatesThe founder of this app is Joel Schwartz. It is a company for Profit. 

This app helps people to engage themselves in real-time conversations. This app helps connect two people interested in talking about the same topic at a given time.

Currently, this app can connect 1 00,000 connections at a time. There are no direct competitors available for this app. Let us look more about Parlor Stock Symbol below.

Some More Information

As far as the funding of the app is concerned, there is no prescribed information available. This app is active on social media networking sites like Facebook, instagram and others. 

This app covers the industries of mobile, messaging, mobile apps and information technology. This app is currently active in terms of its operation. Moving further, there is not so much information available on the internet. Customer reviews are also inadequate. 

Team Members

The Parlor Stock Symbol has four executive team members. One of the current team members also includes an outside counsel who is named Scott Miller. The other one is David Birnbaum, who is CTO. It also has one board member, which is named as Michael S, who is also an advisor.  

Joel Schwartz is the CEO of the company. Michael Thulen Jr. holds the position of COO. This is using 25 technologies for its website. It is available on Google Play, and iTunes connect. Its monthly download growth is 9.55%


After going through everything about Parlor Stock Symbolwe can say that this app is a very genuine yet effective product. Though, this has not gained popularity in the stock market as per the prices of its share are concerned. But we can surely assume that this company will surely touch the highs in the coming years. 

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