Who Owns Clouthub {Jan 2021} Know All Facts Of The App!

Who Owns Clouthub {Jan 2021} Know All Facts Of The App!

Who Owns Clouthub {Jan 2021} Know All Facts Of The App! >> Are you looking for platform where you can express thought without any borders? Read to find out!

Who Owns Clouthub? Are you’ll looking for a platform where you can express your views freely?

With the latest unexpected scenario’s going on, the world is divided into two parts regarding freedom of speech. Many want to express their perceptions, while others make the wrong use of the internet by misleading people. 

Everybody has the right to say what is on their mind but manipulating and misleading the audience shouldn’t happen.

Here we will be talking about a platform with no security boundaries and where people can speak freely without the fear of a ban. 

People of the United States are interested to know more about this.

Who Owns Clouthub? 

Clouthub is an online platform that gives more power to the people when speaking their thoughts. The platform was launched in 2018 is currently gaining popularity due to issues in the United States.

People want to express their views, but the major platforms have many restrictions and limitations regarding the things they post and upload. There are bans and deletion of users’ accounts and uploads.

Due to many people who do post absurd things, a community of people speaking the truth is also affected by limitations, so let’s get to know more. 

More about Who Owns Clouthub

The biggest reveal is that the platform is owned by Jeff Brain, who launched the platform in 2018. Clouthub is one of the few platforms with no strict guidelines, and people can express their views on this platform.

Clouthub can be downloaded on both Google play store and apple store; the app currently has 100k plus downloads with a rating of 3.6 and 407 reviews in total. The tag line of the application is “Social media done right.”

Many people have appreciated the platform when it comes to freedom. The application allows the user to store videos, images, and other documents without any hassle in one place.

How to make an account on Clouthub

Who Owns Clouthub; The platform is not available in certain regions; it is easy to create an account on Clouthub. 

The ones using smartphones can download it from the respective app stores, while the ones wanting to access it through a PC or laptop can go to the application’s official website. There will be an option to create an account; click on that, and follow the necessary instructions.

The application can only be used by individuals who are above 16 years of age. Verify your identity and create your account.


In conclusion, we can state that Who Owns Clouthub; is launched by Jeff Brain, and this platform is launched to enable people to speak their minds without having a second thought.

The platform, though, can be misused by people who do not believe in certain aspects of humanity and can be used to mislead others on the platform.

Please mention your thoughts on this application in the comment box below.

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  1. I joined the 18th of January
    I was hoping the President would continue to reach out

    I know he’s busy
    Joes been leading us down a terrible path this week

    Concerns about the future abound
    Please step up the platform
    Increase your bandwidth and hold connections! I log in so much I’m think you and or Apple aren’t friends!!

    Please don’t be offended

    It’s just so much nonsense being Censured

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