Questao Among Us Fuvest {Jan 2021} Check-Fuvest Exam!

Questao Among Us Fuvest {Jan 2021} Check-Fuvest Exam!

Questao Among Us Fuvest {Jan 2021} Check-Fuvest Exam! >> Want to know the details regarding gateway exam for Graduate Program, read here for information.

Are you aware regarding the Fuvest of 2021? You will see the details regarding it in the content below.

Questao Among Us Fuvest is the gateway exam to the undergraduate courses. The students who wish to take admission in the University of Sa Paulo have to appear for this exam. This university is regarded to be one of the best in Latin America.

The students of Brazil mostly participated in it. As per the report, we see more than 130 thousand students in the first phase.

What the event about?

The Fuvest of 2021 held at its first phase on Sunday that is on 10th of January featured an exam. This exam is regarded as an essential exam if the students are interested in taking admission at the Sao Paulo University.

Questao Among Us Fuvest involved a little change in the way the questions appeared. In an interview, the director of the foundation mentioned that this was because of the candidates’ situation due to the pandemic.

There were less demanding questions, and as per the students who appeared in the test, the topical issues were not covered as they used to be in the exams held earlier.

Also, the students find out that apart from the regular syllabus, some questions related to the Tik Tok app and the leading Among Us game were asked in the examinations.

Important points regarding the Questao Among Us Fuvest:

  • The Among Us game which went viral during the lockdown period was noticed in the examination in some chemistry questions.
  • The questions involved the students in finding out which the game’s impostor presented as chemical element.
  • The students also thought that the questions would be related to the virus as the current situation is, but it does not focus on any such topics.
  • Also, questions related to Tik Tok and their existences on the internet were asked.
  • Students also complained regarding the content that was included in the literature section.

Views of people on Questao Among Us Fuvest:

We see that the students mentioned that the exam this year was hampered because of the pandemic. They notice that since the classes earlier were in person, it was much easier to clear doubts, but this time it was a little tricky.

Some students could not appear for the examination as well. The students also mentioned that they thought the chemistry exam would be accessible due to the pandemic, but it was not the case.

Also, some students even mention that despite the use of safety measures, it wasn’t safe.

The bottom line:

The first stage of the Questao Among Us Fuvest featured 90 questions of multiple choice type which were to be completed in 5 hours had happened.

Brazil students show their reaction towards the exam on social media and mention that the questions related to Among Us and Tik Tok were interesting for some and not for others.

Thus, the level of the exam due to the pandemic was not as expected by the students.

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