Which NYC Neighborhood Should You Move To?

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Which NYC Neighborhood Should You Move To? – Are you considering moving to New York City? A big decision awaits you if you’re wondering where to live in Manhattan. Before even looking for houses for rent in NYC, you will have to decide which neighborhood you should settle in. New York City is a very big place, and a small portion of it, Manhattan island, has about 50 neighborhoods from which you can choose. When each neighborhood in NYC has its unique taste, benefit, and quirk, making a choice will become that difficult.

Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and interests, the following places might be the best options for you to live in Manhattan.

  • Gramercy Park

The park is in a neighborhood that has the same name. The park has the key-only entry option, making it Manhattan’s only private park. It is known as a posh neighborhood, but it is also one of the most beautiful parts of the island. Gramercy Park is a conveniently located address close to Union Square, the East Village, and Chelsea. As there are just 383 keys left in the circulation, you may not get the key for Gramercy Park.

Well! It won’t be an issue as you have the option of Union Square Park along with Madison Square Park within walking distance. In addition to the classic New York restaurants and old-fashioned taverns, the neighborhood also houses the Players Club and the National Arts Club. Rent is likely to be more expensive near the park, but you may find a good deal near the river. One of those keys on Gramercy Park may fall into your hands if you can afford it, and you’ll get to see a piece of Manhattan that very few will ever get to experience.

  • Boerum Hill

With its tree-lined streets, brownstone comforts, and low-key vibe, Greenpoint is probably the most scenic neighborhood in Brooklyn. You’ll find young couples and families, as well as artists and celebrities who moved away from Manhattan to “get away from it all” without having to travel all the way. Located in a triangle formed by the Carroll Gardens, neighborhood communities, and Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill has a lively bar and restaurant scene with locals frequenting them.

  • Lenox Hill

You would hardly find any better place to enjoy uptown life than this corner of the Upper East Side. Two of New York City’s most expensive blocks of real estate are located on Park and Fifth Avenues, which are lined with majestic pre-war apartment buildings. In Madison Avenue, chichi shops dot the streets, and many brands reflect the people who live nearby – think along the lines of Ralph Lauren and Giuseppe Zanotti. Central Park dominates the western half of this neighborhood, but affordable housing options and a more down-to-earth vibe in the eastern half, which lies east of Lexington.

  • Chelsea

West Manhattan is home to socialites, trend-setters, and trailblazers. Located in the center of NYC’s gay scene, this district is home to some of the city’s best real estate. In addition, there are some of the hottest restaurants and bars in the city, with the latest hours in Chelsea.

The man who hands out the Red Bulls in the city that never sleeps is typically a man from Chelsea. If you are a taco lover then, Los Tacos No. 1 at Chelsea Market is definitely where you’ll be at lunchtime. Not a taco fan? Well! You can always head over to The Red Cat and relish a Dirty Burger. You’ll find yourself in good company at Gallow Green, located on top of the McKittrick Hotel, if you’re into rooftop drinking.

  • Washington Heights

There’s no reason for New Manhattan residents to overlook Washington Heights, a soulful and lovely Upper Manhattan neighborhood just minutes from Midtown via the A train. The apartment stock consists mostly of vast pre-war flats, many of them with beautiful Beaux-Arts details, which means you can rent more space for your money. A good number of Latin restaurants can be found in Washington Heights.

It is a reflection of the community here, which has a large Dominican population. This area of Manhattan is also home to generational stores, so chain stores have not yet penetrated this market. In addition to providing a respite from the Big Apple and a magnificent view of the Hudson River, Fort Tryon Park is one of the city’s treasures. The Met Cloisters, a Renaissance-style building devoted to medieval architecture and art in Europe, is in the area. When you’re on the road for weekends away, you’ll be much closer to Upstate when you leave the city. Washington Heights offers one of the lowest price ranges for houses for rent in NYC.

  • Upper West Side

There are rarely few places in Manhattan that are more picturesque than the Upper West Side. In addition to being home to two parks, Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side is also home to tree-lined blocks of brownstones that make you feel as if you’ve stumbled upon the set of a Nora Ephron film. There are lots of cool boutiques on Columbus Avenue. Amsterdam houses most places to hang out and eat, including various excellent cafes, bars, and restaurants. Both Broadway and Central Park West are along the subway line, and they provide an ideal place for rooms for rent in NYC.

  • Battery Park City

Battery park is an expansive 92-acre planned community overlooking the Hudson River. It sits amid lush plantings, and it is far removed from the hustle and bustle of most Manhattan attractions. It is still one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City despite its spacious setting. There used to be no shopping or dining in the area, but that has changed recently.

Residents can now take advantage of an array of upscale boutiques and eateries thanks to Brookfield Place, a huge shopping mall with a gourmet food court, and the city’s second Eataly. Since the newly designed Hub with 11 subway lines is open, transportation has always been convenient from this part of town.

Once you decide about the neighborhood that you want to live in, then finding rental rooms in NYC won’t present that big of a challenge. It is also a leg of the marathon where platforms like Cirtru can help you by providing you with excellent options for rental properties.

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