7 Marketing Jobs You Can Try as a Student

7 Marketing Jobs You Can Try as a Student

The field of marketing doesn’t lose its popularity over time, and for a good reason! There is a niche for everyone, whether you are an analytical, creative, or communicative person. Or all together.

In 2021, LinkedIn published a report showing that the demand for marketing professionals increased by 63%. Therefore, looking for a job in this area certainly makes sense! That is why we have collected jobs that you can try as a student. Choose what you are most passionate about and start your path in a startup, a marketing agency or become a freelancer.

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Social Media Manager

Obviously, an SMM manager is responsible for promoting the company on social networks. Here’s what they are busy doing:

  • Developing a promotion strategy for social media platforms;
  • Drawing up a content plan;
  • Planning events that increase coverage;
  • Preparing content for stories and posts. Sometimes they work together with a copywriter;
  • KPI analysis.

SMM managers continue to be in great demand in the market. But now, only those who provide a portfolio can get a job!

Specialist On Targeted Ads

This professional deals with targeted advertising only. They don’t create content, although they can give recommendations on how to promote the account and request data on what statistics the profile has.

Their main responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing the market, target audience, and competitors;
  • Creating ads. The targetologist can develop the visual part of it on their own or together with a designer;
  • Setting up advertising campaigns in social networks;
  • Adjusting the campaign if necessary;
  • Preparing the reports.

Basically, targetologists are in demand in digital agencies that provide complex marketing to clients. But only those who have a good background and know how to work with metrics can apply for serious positions!


A copywriter is a specialist in text content. Usually, they:

  • Write different texts for the company’s products;
  • Create announcements, descriptions, advertisements, etc.;
  • Come up with texts for landing pages;
  • Do profound research;
  • Develop slogans.

Moreover, the copywriter creates articles for company blogs and media. These aren’t promotional materials, but they often contain native ads. 

Email Marketing Specialist

Email newsletters are essential for business growth. Most employers are ready to use all communication channels to get more customers. Therefore, these specialists ensure the promotion of company products using email. Their tasks include:

  • Creating a relevant content plan for all communication channels;
  • Setting up mailings and planning mailing chains;
  • Analyzing the target audience;
  • Analyzing KPIs.

SEO Expert

SEO specialists work on the promotion of sites in search engines. Their job is to improve positions in the SERP and increase traffic.

Here are their key responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the site to identify errors that negatively affect the ranking positions;
  • Studying the competitors;
  • Link building;
  • Setting tasks for developers and copywriters.

In fact, SEO professionals must always keep track of trends and updates in search engines. That’s how they will provide employers with quality services.

Brand Manager

The brand manager promotes the company on the market. The main goal is to increase its recognition and form and maintain a positive reputation. This specialist is responsible for the strategy and is involved in all work processes that affect the company’s image. 

Their tasks are:

  • Creation of a brand promotion strategy;
  • Deep analysis of the target audience (its needs, problems, and expectations);
  • Forming the brand’s values, mission, and tone of voice;
  • Planning online and offline events, i.e., media publications, special projects, and so on;
  • Monitoring brand mentions.

PR Manager

Working as a PR manager, you will promote the company in the market and increase the awareness of its products. You will build communication with consumers and cooperate with opinion leaders and media editors. The mission of this specialist is to form a positive image of the company.

So, here’s what they do:

  • Monitor brand mentions;
  • Plan PR campaigns;
  • Create news breaks;
  • Draw up media plans;
  • Organize and coordinate various events.

Employers are always looking for professionals who know how to increase company visibility and generate sales. Thus, the number of job openings hasn’t decreased over the years!

The Bottom Line

So, if you have chosen a niche in the field of marketing, then you have three ways to develop your career. Each of them has advantages, and we are analyzing them below.

Working in a startup, you will have the freedom to try approaches you like most. Perhaps you will be the only member of the department, isn’t that cool? Therefore, be sure to implement even the most daring ideas! Well, the crucial thing is the dynamics, of course. Startups provide unforgettable challenges that will save you from boredom and routine tasks.

Working in a digital agency involves different projects. You can gain experience in a variety of niches, which is highly valued by employers, by the way. Today, most digital agencies adhere to transparent working conditions. This can also mean that there will be no strict hierarchy. Of course, we can’t help but mention a stable salary. Why? Agencies that have been operating on the market for years have an established customer base.

And last but certainly not least is freelance. It’s super cool for students as you will be free to organize your schedule the way you prefer! You can work at any convenient time, take breaks, plan vacations, and so on. Plus, you will choose the clients you like to work with. And, of course, freelancing is about taking the number of orders that you can handle.

Good luck with finding a path that meets all your expectations and preferences!

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