Wheeloffortune com Login Page [Sep 2020] What Fun It Is!

Wheeloffortune com Login Page [Sep 2020] What Fun It Is!

Wheeloffortune com Login Page [Sep 2020] What Fun It Is! >> So hurry up! Else you missed your winning prize by playing Wheel of Fortune game, find details.

Don’t need to travel to Los Angeles for completing the wheel of fortune to win the prize. Now you can do it from your home by simply going to Wheeloffortune com Login Page and create your spin Id. It is the most famous game in the United States.

How can you locate the Wheeloffortune com Login Page and spin Id for the wheel of fortune?

To locate the Wheeloffortune com Login Page you need to click on the link https://www.wheeloffortune.com/ and click on the ‘Log In’ button on the right side of the screen.

Want to get your spin Id? It is very easy to obtain your spin Id by few simple steps. Let’s check out-

For existing account

Step 1– On the Wheeloffortune com Login Page, there will be an option ‘Log In’; if you have an account previously, you can click on the login option to open the login menu. To find your spin Id, you need to fill the login credentials, or else if you have signed up with your Facebook account, click ‘Login with Facebook’ and sign in with that information. After you log in, you can see the spin id at the top of the right corner.

Step 2– Now, you will get an option ‘Join Wheel Watchers Club,’ click on it.

Steps for creating a new account

Step 1– If you don’t have an existing account on the wheel of fortune, you can now create with  few easy steps. On Wheeloffortune com Login Page, you will see an option is available as ‘Join Now,’ click on that option. 

After clicking it, a registration page will appear. Now you need to fill it up with the required data, or if you wish to skip this part, you can do. Click on the ‘Register with Facebook’ and sign up with your Facebook account.

Step 2– A very important step where you need to provide a valid email Id while creating the account. A verification email will be sent, and it will contain a link that you need to click to complete your sign up process.

Step 3– After that, at the below, there will be an option ‘I’m not a robot,’ and it is mandatory to click on this option as it will verify that you are a human being. After clicking it, you can submit the registration form.

Step 4– You need to click on the register option; after that, a verification mail will be sent to your email.

Step 5– Now, go to your email account and tab on the verification link. After clicking it, your spin Id will be generated, and it will return you to the website.

Reminder– on Wheeloffortune com Login Page if you created your account with your Facebook account, then the verification link will be sent to the email Id associated with the Facebook account. You need to check the spam tab to find the verification link

You will get the spin Id next to the ‘My Spin Id’ option at the top right. Note down your Id to find it in the show.

How to get the prize:

If you are announced as a winner, then you only have 24 hours of claiming the prize. Log in through Wheeloffortune com Login Page and click on the ‘Check Spin Id’ then follow the instruction. 

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