Reviews (Sep):Useful Information! Reviews (Sep):Useful Information! Reviews (Sep): Useful Information! >>Whether you are looking to buy a used car or a used car dealer looking for a platform to get shoppers without costing any money, read it.

Are you a buyer or a dealer of used car and looking for a classified site where you don’t have to pay anything? And still, get profit? Yes, no fees, nothing you need to pay.

Read our Reviews to know the interesting facts about this portal that is gaining popularity across the United Kingdom.

A Few words about Used cars for sale

Used Cars For Sale, as the name suggests, is a massive automotive classified site deal in used cars. You can easily search your dream cars from the listed millions of used cars in their portal. Steve Tackett built it. So, far the response, as expected, is off the charts.

Customers can easily shop on the user-friendly site. The car dealers don’t have to bother for the leads sharing problems and the billing issues.

A Man behind And His Intension 

Steve Tackett, the man behind the success of, is a well-renowned entrepreneur in the automotive industry. 

Out of his generosity as a gift, he created the portal to give back to his industry that has made him. Dealers get the leads, traffic, and sales without any cost. It’s a win-win for him as he can see who the major players in emerging technologies are.

Stay with us our Reviews to know more.

What’s Different?

The unique part of is that it is entirely free for everyone. Yes, no hidden fee is charged from any dealer with used car inventory.

There is no lead fees, no listing fees, and no traffic fees. There are no charges for anything.  

Isn’t that great?  You can save a lot of money! 

Customer’s say

An in-depth investigation was done, and a lot of generalized Reviews were scrolled. We found only a single review that is critical about the portal.

A customer says he received several calls from Jason today, who is working with On being told that he is not interested in the same, Jason started threatening me via messages.

After a few hours, he received close to 60 calls and emails from various portals claiming his inquiries about the vehicle. He does not think that’s a coincidence. And rejecting business should the reason for the harassment he had to suffer that day.

The bottom line

To conclude, we can say that it is an affordable listing site that provides valuable leads to dealers, and shoppers can easily compare from the listed cars in many countries, including the United Kingdom.

The “Free Approach/ No cost approach” by Steve Tackett has no ambivalence between dealers and vendors.

But we can’t give a thumbs up based upon the review we found. Still, it’s a single review we saw, it could be a con trick as well.

Thus, we suggest you go for it as it seems ho harm in trying. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a single penny.

What’s your say on this free classified? Please write back your Reviews to us in the response section below.

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