What Does #662# Do (Dec) Blocks Incoming Spam Calls!

What Does #662# Do (Dec) Blocks Incoming Spam Calls!

What Does #662# Do (Dec) Blocks Incoming Spam Calls! >> This article tells you about a feature by a telecom operator that’s effective in blocking spam calls.

What Does #662# Do, is among the trending search queries as users are looking to obtain information about this number? Users want to find out what will be the result of dialing this number. 

Many speculations are being made about this number, but if you’re interested in finding the actual correct information, you’re at the right place. This number is affiliated with T-Mobile and is related to one of their features.

To know more about what this number does and how you can benefit from it, please keep reading this article. It’s trending in the United States as the services related to this number also function in that country. 

We’ll reveal all the crucial information about this number in this article, so keep reading to obtain all the relevant information and quench your thirst for the correct answer. Kindly read this article till the end, and don’t skip anything. 

What is #662#?

#662# is the number that the users of T-Mobile can dial for enabling a service. It’s part of a campaign or a revolution against scammers to stop users from receiving spam calls, as many users fall victim to it every year in the United States. Phone calls are among the most common techniques used by scammers.

As you can tell, dialing this number enables a call blocking and attentive service by T-Mobile that informs its users if the call they’re receiving is from a spam number. 

Please note that this service can only be used by T-Mobile customers and not by other operators’ users. If you’re using the services of another operator, please enquire if they have a similar service.

What Does #662# Do: How does it work?

This service employs the techniques and technology at T-Mobile and monitors voice traffic and other details. Now that you know the answer, let’s look at how it works.

  • Whenever the user receives a call, T-Mobile’s technology analyses the number to determine if it’s a scam.
  • After analyzing it with the help of their tools, they alert the user.
  • The technology is highly accurate and can quickly spot a scam call and tell the difference between them and ordinary calls.
  • Users can either accept or decline the call after receiving the alert.
  • Alternatively, users can switch to the scam block service where the calls will be blocked automatically without user authorization.
  • What Does #662# Do? It blocks spam calls, in short.
  • The previous method is deemed better as the user has more control over it.

Final Verdict

Many scammers use phone calls to fool a significant number of people every year. A spam detection and call blocking service many prove handy and act as a defense against them. 

If you’re a T-Mobile user, we recommend you enable this service and use it. If you aren’t a user, then enquire if your operator has any service like it. Now that you know the answer to, so let us know what you think of What Does #662# Do in the comments box below.

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