#662# Metropcs (Dec 2020) For Blocking Scam Calls!

#662# Metropcs (Dec 2020) For Blocking Scam Calls!

#662# Metropcs (Dec 2020) For Blocking Scam Calls! >> The post is to share details about the new function called Scam Block to prevent potential scam calls.

Back in 2017, T-Mobile launched two new features, Scam Block and Scam ID. It helps consumers to avoid frustrating scam call and robocalls. A few months later, T-Mobile introduced the same service to MetroPCS. However, to activate the services, consumers have to dial #662# on your phone. Let’s know more about #662# Metropcs

If you are amongst the million consumers in the United States who are annoyed with the pesky scam calls, you probably use the new scam call blocking function on your MetroPCS mobile. A recent meme confirms that dialing #662# would activate the scam call blocking function and deactivate all potential scam calls. 

However, consumers have to access the Scam Block function to keep those scam calls reaching their phones. The service needs to be activated manually by dialing #662# on their MetroPCS mobile. 

Both Scam Block and Scam ID are free services for all consumers of MetroPCS. 

What is #662# Metropcs?

It is the Scam ID and Scam Block function that helps consumers block the annoying scam calls. It is the feature that users have to activate on their mobile by dialing #662#. It will get activated and display the scam calls above the caller ID when the scammer is found. 

Consumers in the United States have to activate the Scam Block function on their mobile manually to avoid those scam calls from reaching their phone. The service is not activated automatically, as it needs to be done manually. 

Activating the Scam Block function on your MetroPCS mobile is easy. Consumers need to dial #662# on your mobile to activate the function. Consumers can check if it is activated or not by dialing #787#, and to deactivate the function; consumers need to dial #632#. 

How to activate Scam Call Function on MetroPCS Mobile?

The Scam ID is the feature that is already activated on all MetroPCS mobile by T-Mobile, and no action is needed to activate it. However, consumers have to follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the Scam Block for scam calls:

  • Get the free Scam Shield App on your MetroPCS mobile
  • Toggle on the Scam Block function in the application
  • Dial #662# Metropcs on your mobile 
  • Login to the account and choose My Account, then Add Service and Protection, then move to Scam Block
  • Go back to the MyMetro App and click on Shop, then Add Services. Please Confirm your PIN, Scam Bloc and then Modify Services
  • Call 611 from the Metropcs mobile to speak with the customer care  

These are the steps that consumers have to follow to activate their MetroPCS device’s scam block feature. 

How to Opt-Out from Scam Block?

If you are not satisfied with the Scam Block function, there are ways to deactivate the function. 

Consumers have to dial #632# from their mobile to deactivate the service. However, if they want to reactivate the function on their device in the future, follow the above steps again and dial #662# Metropcs to activate the Scam Block feature.  


Consumers usually get annoyed with the scam calls in between meetings at the office. If you are a MetroPCS consumer, luckily, you can activate the Scam Block function on your device to prevent those scam calls from reaching your device. 

Follow the steps mentioned above to activate the Scam Block function and prevents all potential scam calls. If you have anything to share about the scam block function and #662# Metropcs, please write it down in the comments section below.

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