What Technologies Work Behind The Water Purification Process?

What Technologies Work Behind The Water Purification Process?

Clean and safe drinking water is one of the most crucial fundamental things that people look forward to when they are setting up a home. Suppose you are in the market checking Eureka Forbes water purifier prices or Kent water purifier prices but are still curious about the technologies for which you are actually paying the amount. 

In that case, you are in the right place. Here are the popular technologies that come packed in an excellent quality water purifier system to keep your family safe and healthy:

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most commonly used methods for purifying water. RO utilizes membrane technology to eliminate the impurities, salts, and bacteria from water. The semipermeable membrane filters out the dissolved chemicals and germs from the water. 

The membrane is made of very small pores that allow only water to flow through, leaving behind the harmful chemicals, dissolving salts, and microbes that are suspended inside liquid water ( size of RO membrane pores are around .0005 micron which is slightly bigger than that of the water molecules).

UF purification

The UF (Ultrafiltration) is a method of purification that uses membranes like RO membranes but with larger pores. UF membranes can remove all colloidal particles, including the majority of pathogenic organisms and turbidity; however, it does not remove the solids and salts which are already dissolved. 

Contrary to UV purifiers, UF purifiers remove all bacteria and germs physically out of the water. Ultra-filtration purifiers for water are as efficient as RO purifiers when the water supply to homes isn’t very hard and contains less TDS. RO is only needed when the water is loaded with excessive TDS and is hard.

UV purification or E-boiling

UV purification is a water filtration process that utilizes ultra-violet radiation to kill microbes, bacteria, germs, and cysts in water. Purifying water using ultraviolet light is an easy and effective method that kills 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria and organisms in the water. 

A small mercury lamp in the purifier emits UV short-wave radiation. These UV radiations penetrate cells of viruses and bacteria to destroy their capacity to reproduce. The microbes and the organisms are unable to reproduce and end up dying. 

The purification process kills germs; however, the corpses of dead organisms are left in the water. Separate filters are needed to get rid of all dead germs. Purification of water using UV light is generally performed along with other filtration methods like reverse osmosis and activated carbon filters.

Candle filter purifier

Water purifiers that come equipped with candle-type filters have a simple working mechanism. The candle’s pores are very tiny, and anything with dimensions larger than the pores gets blocked and cannot pass through to the other clean side. 

The candle filter purifier doesn’t rely on electricity for operation but does not eliminate microbes, and therefore water is still required to be boiled before drinking. Users should regularly clean the candle to ensure efficient functioning.

Activated carbon filter purifier

This water purifier relies on activated carbon filters for the purification process. Carbon filters can remove chemical compounds like pesticides, chlorine and other contaminants to a large extent. The filtration process can alter the flavour and smell of water. It doesn’t require electricity to operate but is not highly effective in removing microbes from the water.

Nowadays, multi-stage purifiers are getting hugely popular, which are also known as Universal Water purifiers; they utilize a mix of technology to ensure that water is clean and free of germs. The combination could be on the line of RO+UV+UF filter. 

The objective of these multi-stage water purifiers is to cleanse the water of all germs, bacteria, chemical compounds and other harmful contaminants without leaving anything to chance.

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