Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia: Wrestler Death, Hamida Banu Begum 2024!

Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia: Wrestler Death, Hamida Banu Begum 2024!

The extraordinary life of India’s “first” female wrestler, Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia, her achievements, and her rise in the athletics world are shared here.

This post tells the fantastic story of India’s “first” female wrestler and highlights her legacy and ascent to the highest levels of the league.


  • Hamida Banu’s extraordinary life has gained attention across many places after Google Doodle’s tribute to the region’s first wrestler.
  • Divya Negi, an artist from Bengaluru, created the Google Doodle commemorating India’s first female wrestler. 
  • She stated that the first woman wrestler from the Indian region inspired her and her brave refusal to follow the traditional rules of her day.
  • Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia indicates that she was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh, India, and her affinity to sports and the wrestling world developed and grew since her family members were associated with the wrestling world.

Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia:

Hamida Banu, or the “Amazon of Aligarh,” is a legendary figure who has captured the attention of Western media and traveled great distances. During the period when Indian women wrestlers were still largely male-dominated, Hamida Banu became a well-known wrestler.

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Let us check a few facts about Hamida Banu in the table below:

Hamida Banu Wrestler Wikipedia

Real name Hamida Banu
Also called Amazon of Aligarh
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, the Indian region
Birth year 1920
Date of Death November 9, 2006
Profession Wrestler
Sport Athletics

Additional facts of Hamida Banu:

Hamida Banu entered the wrestling arena with courage during a time when male wrestlers ruled the sport: her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication enthralled spectators. Banu once said that the authority to tie the knot with her would belong to any person who could win a wrestling battle against her.

This bold declaration demonstrated her self-assurance and her unshakeable faith in her skills. As promised, Banu proved her mettle by besting two male champions from Kolkata and Patiala and winning in less than a minute in Vadodara against Baba Pahalwan.

Hamida Banu Wrestler Death:

The great Indian first women’s wrestler passed away on November 9, 2006, at 78. She was in Lahore, Pakistan, during her final years. Adversity shaped her private existence as she suffered physical abuse from Salam Pahalwan, her coach, which left her physically crippled for years.

A number of publications were unearthed describing her unusual eating habits and making assumptions about her purported pledge to marry only an individual who is more vital than she is. Among India’s first female wrestlers, Hamida has an inspiring tale of tenacity, willpower, and an unwillingness to let social conventions hold her back. She never got to tell her story, though.

Hamida Banu Begum:

There were several challenges in her route to popularity. In February 1954, she delivered an unusual challenge that sparked debate as well as appreciation for her audacious action. Banu faced resistance and doubts from a variety of sources, such as skeptical viewers and local wrestling federations, despite her outstanding accomplishments.

She eventually withdrew from the public eye and sought comfort in a peaceful life in Kalyan, wherein Banu made a little living by selling snacks and milk.


For generations of female wrestlers who strive to set big goals and defy expectations, her influence still endures and inspires. Hamida Banu was realizing her power while the Indian region was still learning about herself. Her family was known for wrestling, and she supposedly grew up fighting men after her birth in the early 1900s near Aligarh. click here

Learn more about Hamida Banu Wrestler as we gather more insight into the first Indian women’s wrestler’s life and her journey in the sports world.

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