Walmart ps5 Scam {Nov 2020} Read About the Scam-Alert!

Walmart ps5 Scam {Nov 2020} Read About the Scam-Alert!

Walmart ps5 Scam {Nov 2020} Read About the Scam-Alert! >> If you have ordered a ps5 from Wal-Mart & didn’t receive it read this article to know the reason.

Are you waiting for the new PlayStation 5, and is it out of stock in every store? Are you searching for it on retailer shops?

Do you know about the ‘Walmart ps5 Scam? If you are eagerly waiting to buy the PS5 in the United States, then read this article on Walmart scam to know how the stores are taking advantage of people’s eagerness so be aware for the next time you go to any store to buy the PS5.  

Walmart is selling the PS5 by third parties and due to which many buyers have canceled their preorder. To know about the reason for cancellation in detail, read the entire article. 

What is PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5 is a console for video games and is brought to us by Sony entertainment. Read about the ‘Walmart ps5 Scam’ further. The ps5 was announced in 2019 and is available in many countries, including Japan, Australia, North America, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States, and Singapore. From 19th November, the ps5 will be available worldwide.

The ps5 has data streaming and has tremendous graphical performance. The other features of ps5 include compatibility, audio effects, 4K resolution, and many games are available.

What is a Walmart scam?

The ps5 is available on Walmart for preorder, and many people ordered the PlayStation from the site. The supply chain is not proper due to covid-19, and people are facing problem to purchase the PlayStation. Thus, there is a chance of ‘Walmart ps5 Scam.’ 

Many players brought it from Walmart, and soon after placing the order, they received an email saying the order is canceled due to massive demand. Thus, customers are dissatisfied and are complaining.

People worldwide are posting that it is a hoax, and the ps5 doesn’t exist for real. There is a shortage of supply, and demand is very high. Therefore, getting the masses on to the Walmart website selling the ps5 does not exist in the stock.

New update on PS 5 from Walmart:

Walmart stated that ps5 is in stock again. Read the Walmart ps5 Scam.’  And you will be able to purchase the ps5 on 12th November at four slots from 12 noon to 9 p.m. at intervals of 3 hours. 

Walmart site crashed:

On the launch day of the ps5, everyone went on the site to purchase the PS, and a screen pop up came telling ‘Oh dear,’ do try again in some time as everyone is on the website. The site crashed; customers from the north pole were trying to buy the ps5 from the site; the server went down. The customers were trying to add ps5 to the cart, but they were out of stock as they reloaded the website. The ‘Walmart ps5 Scam’ seems to be real.

What do customers say?

The customers were trying to grab the ps5 from the Walmart website and took to Twitter and many other social networking sites saying it was a scam, and the ps5 was not available in real in stock. There are complaints that the bots are replying and messing up with the website. Also, customers are saying that we are sure that no one got a ps5 from the website. 


The article’s final line says that the scam is grabbing attention from people, and there are many complaints from customers about ‘Walmart ps5 Scam’ saying that the product was in the cart. They have placed the order successfully but received an email saying the product was out of stock and your order is not set.

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