Console of Life Reviews [Dec] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Console of Life Reviews [Dec] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Console of Life Reviews [Dec] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> Hey! If you are searching for coolest and trendy toys for your child please have a look in this review.

Hey! In this content, we will give you all the possible details about one of the webshop reviews, which offers you the coolest collection of toys for your child. This site belongs to the United States.

There is no doubt about the child’s craze for toys. They always look for toys that seem to be the coolest one, and one of them is remote control cars. Yes! If you want to win the heart of children, buy them toys, and they will give you a big smile.

Further, in the ongoing lockdown, parents are doing work from home, so they need something for their child that keeps them busy, and the only things which make babies busy are toys. Parents are looking for such online sites that are trustworthy, famous, and offer the best toys at an affordable rate.

The United States, which is best known for Christmas, during which people share gifts. So there is excitement all around the UN for shopping gifts for their family, friends, or children. 

So if you are eager to know about reviews, be with us! As we are here to help you by giving all the information about it.

What is

As the trend of online shopping is increasing, so are the online sites are launching every day. Many e-commerce websites are providing you the best products online. is one of them which offers you the coolest toys for your child. This site gives you huge discounts and offers, and orders are shipping free. But this site is just 13 days old, so it’sits not known by people all around the UN. Also, the home page of this site contains brief details about its privacy and policy.

As we are providing more details about reviews, please continue reading this!

Specification of :

  • Website type- e-commerce site selling children’s toys.
  • Company’sCompany’s email address-
  • Payment mode- American Express, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Discover.
  • Shipping policy- easy and free shipping for all
  • Refund policy- within ten days of the date of purchase 
  • Cancelation policy- option for cancelation of items are available 

Pros of using

  • Supplies your coolest and trendy gaming toys.
  • Offers you massive discounts.
  • reviews are not found.
  • Free shipping charges for all.

Cons of using

  • Displays very brief details about the site.
  • The site is not socially active on Instagram and Facebook 
  • The place is very new, i.e., 13 days old to be trusted.

Is legit?

After a lot of research about reviews, we got a few details only.

This site is very new in the e-commerce platform and is 13 days old only, so we cannot comment on its legitimacy. It’s mentioned that this site’s domain is created on the 30th of October 2020, which is very young in the market to be judged.

Also, we didn’t found out the page of socially on Facebook and Instagram, which is not a good sign for customers who are willing to purchase toys from this site.

We request the customers and readers to wait for some time to get clear evidence about this site’s legitimacy.

What are people saying about reviews?

Talking about reviews of, we found out that this site lacks reviews and feedback of customers as the site has been launched just a few weeks before.

There is no strong reviews by the customer about this site to be trusted. Also, we tried to find the reviews socially on Instagram and Facebook, but we found out that this site is not socially active.


The console of life offers you the coolest toys for your child, and they are giving you tremendous discounts on their products due to Christmas as the site is United States-based. But this site is very young in the market, so people are suspicious about this site. So let us clear you that we recommend the readers stay away from these types of sites, which are very new in the e-commerce platform.

Further, pages are not active socially on Instagram and Facebook. Also, the site is lacking reviews and feedbacks from the people because of its newness. People don’tdon’t prefer going to those online sites with no checks and ratings, so do we recommend the same to the readers.

Is legit? We are not sure about the legitimacy of this site as its ‘sit’s domain is newly launched, and due to the newness, this site is still waiting for the reviews of the customers. We request the customers to give their feedback if they are shopping from the site, helping other people know more about this site.

0 thoughts on “Console of Life Reviews [Dec] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

  1. So far as stated it has paypal and shipping buyer protection as well as saler even tho very new im dying to leave great reviews soon !!

  2. Heres a con for u Facebook and Instagram are well known scam sights only looking for cash app to scam its buyers with no protection guarantee to ur products so im very happ its not bent on those sights honestly pay pal and there ten days after purchasing if i want it or not 100% money back guarantee i can deal with that hope this site get more reviews being not too new not to old im expecting greatness out of this sight i was robbed back in july and they stole my ps4 through Facebook maket place was scammed 20$ cash app towards a 80 doller system i never recived at all so this ps5 is my last hope with sony my gamer tag is The_Gremreaper i miss all my friends u guys are family to me i hope to leave the best reviews ill stay around for everyone to know this sight is ok thus far more details soon as i get my tracking number and shipping date in my email as stated i ordered a ps5 my money is where it should be according to policy only thing more i can say about the page is 2 key things 1 remember ur order number and email address to u order via screen shot it simple 2 has paypal and state it will ship my order in 2 days ill recive it in 5 day lenth time hopefully max 7 but all depends where ur from hopefully i see more reviews as well as i leave u with truth ty for ur time ppl!!

  3. No it not legit and more horrible because it look free shipping but they don’t charge you. Keep saying payment pending no shipping of the product or item that you really want.

  4. They’re a scam if you preorder they just took your card info and started to order stuff the day you you gave them the info I just put one and one together called my bank and the transactions reversed. Look at your account and make sure everything order was by you. I have Levi’s, Random PayPal accounts, Zippo, Tacticalgear, not something me or my wife would purchase.

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