VP Debate Reviews (Oct) Let Us Know More About It!

VP Debate Reviews (Oct) Let Us Know More About It!

VP Debate Reviews (Oct) Let Us Know More About It! >> The article consists of the information about the debate held last Wednesday for the VP election 2020. Please read the details now. 

The US’s presidential election is now trending on a world level; each candidate is trying to give their best whether it is for the President seat or the Vice- President seat. A heated debate this Wednesday got on top of the trending list between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. So let’s talk about the VP Debate Reviews.

As the President of the US election is coming close, both the party Democratic and the Republicans are pushing their limit to an extent. Last Wednesday, both the nominated candidates for the Vice-President election represented themselves in the debate in front of the whole of America. The interview remains on-trend in the United States, and Canada.

Apart from the presidential election 2020, the VP election is also on hot topics; it is the Indo-American Kamala Harris. She is of Indian descent; her mother was an Indian, and it will be interesting to see how she can attract the Indo-American.

During the Debate

As we all were waiting for long to see the live debate between the candidates, soon after telecast, people started giving the VP Debate Reviews about who won the discussion. But to be very frank, both the candidates gave a little bit of fire but unfortunately, no one won the debate.

Social media fired up with the debate, and the supporters from both the parties started giving reactions and supporting their favorite candidate. Of Course, the Democratic supported Kamala Harris, and the Republican supported Mike Pence. Overall, if we see the speech from both the members were soft and not like was countering to anyone.

In a few newspapers of the United States, and Canada there was saying that at the question of Covid-19, Kamala Harris lacked to counter Mike Pence, a strong point as per the current situation. Recently, US President Donald Trump also tested positive, and how the virus enters the White House is still a suspense.

The US people have different opinions over VP Debate Reviewsbut most of them did not get what they are looking for because the face-off of both the VP candidates did not seem to be related to the people’s wants. Somehow the debates were more like winning the election and not solving the issues related to the commons. 

Wednesday’s debate lacked the appeal that the public was seeing; as per one of the news articles, these debates were expected and was not unusual; the topic on which Kamala can do a counter on Mr. Pence was not up to the mark. Mike Pence, a concerned person for President Donald Trump, is known for his smooth nature, who always tries to smooth the sharpness done on their behalf.


The article is based on research done over the internet and by collecting the public reaction randomly. The response and opinion for the debate may differ and depends upon person to person. 

You can also share your thoughts and give your VP Debate Reviews in the comment section below.

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