Prideled. com Reviews [Oct] Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Prideled. com Reviews [Oct] Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Prideled. com Reviews [Oct] Is This Genuine Or A Scam? >> This research-based article will provide the exact details about the LED lights selling online shop.

Are you excited after finding great deals over of LED lights? Please spend a few minutes on Prideled. com Reviews.

Prideled offers a wide selection of all types of LED lights, including pole lights, street lights, parking lights, etc. Based in the United States, the company is spreading the roots of business in India as well. 

Because its electronic gadgets, we should be more aware of the quality; therefore, our research professionals prepared this post by evaluating all facts associated with the products and services. 

Let’s understand the organization first.

What is Prideled?

Prideled is an online electronic gadget shop. It deals in numerous kinds of LED lights such as Flood, street, High Bay, and wall packs. Prideled. com Reviews states the company sells adapters as well. 

Most of the products are selling at extensive low prices under sales offers. You are also eligible for free shipping if the ordered value is $49 or over the particular amount. 

Thrilling? Isn’t it? But, smart buyers never rely on the offers. They check the other things also. So, please don’t ignore the different points mentioned in the article and have a look at the specifications for now:

Specifications of

  • Website-
  • Product- LED lights and Adapters.
  • Current offer-70% SALE OFF.
  • Delivery charge- Free on the order over $49.
  • Returns Policy- Get a refund on unopened packets. The company will charge twenty-five percent of restocking fees. 
  • The company will not refund the shipping cost. 
  • All returns should be filed within 30 days. After 30 days, no returns or refunds will be provided. 
  • If the product is under warranty, then the customer will get the benefit. The warranty replacement time is 30 days. The customer is himself responsible for paying shipping charges for returning the product under warranty. 
  • Shipping rates is depending upon the weight of the item. Customer service details- Fill the contact form or contact on phone number-888-354-5677. The store claims to assist clients at 24*7. 
  • The store is located in Houston Texas, United States. 

Benefits for buyers

Prideled. com Reviews accumulated such superb collection of benefits for buyers:

  • Order great LED lights at super-cool discounted rates. 
  • The gadgets are selling at a 70 percent offer at this moment. 
  • Repairs or replacements are provided on the warranty items. 
  • Access the advantage of a full refund if you don’t want to take the ordered item. 
  • No requirement to bear the delivery fee if the ordered value is fulfilling the given condition. 
  • Contact the store at any time if you have doubts or queries.

So, these were some benefits for the shoppers. Remember, everything has two sides. Thus, we can’t reach the final point after knowing the negative of the website. That’s the reason we ask you to be more for now to make the smart decision. Please read the beneath sections: 

Drawbacks for buyers

  • Internet age: The store’s domain age has stated that they are doing business for the last three years. The website was first active on 14-05-2017. Still, the products of the store have not been listed on any reputable e-commerce portals. Also, missing testimonial sections or remarks from clients is one of the most significant negative elements we can’t neglect.
  • No Complete details about location: has not mentioned the complete detail of the location of the store. 
  • Missing delivery time: The absence of delivery time symbolizes that the company is not taking the requested order’s responsibility. 
  • Hidden details of the founder– The about us page always updated with the owner, team members, or company story. But, these are missing as well.
  • No social media access– The website is not connected to social engines, whereas 99 percent of online businesses are highly active on social media platforms. It helps to increase the trust level of the consumers as well. As a result, after finding this fact, it creates suspicion.

What are Buyers saying?

You will be surprised to know that the website didn’t succeed in taking a single review or rating after running the business for the last three years. We scrolled many web pages of the internet for Reviews

We also checked-Is there any remarks of the customer from India? Sadly, there’s was zero response. 

Final Verdict

All in all, The above-mentioned particulars in Prideled. com Reviews distinctly reveals that the purchasing from this website needs an in-depth research. Lack of enough data regarding the shipment, founder, team members, and absenteeism of client reviews are the doubtful things. 

Thus, we conclude by saying that please research well on your end before purchasing any product from here.

And, yes, if you’ve heard something about the Prideled online shop, please write to us. 

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