Ukswitchshop com Reviews {Nov} Is It Legit Site Or Not?

Ukswitchshop com Reviews {Nov} Is It Legit Site Or Not?

Ukswitchshop com Reviews {Nov} Is It Legit Site Or Not? >> A website review on exclusive gaming device-centric web-store, read whole article to know more.

Gamers can find their desired gaming devices on any websites but won’t it be better if there is a website which is gaming-centric?

If you are also wondering the same then yes websites like these do exist and today Ukswitchshop com Reviews will reveal such a website solely about gaming devices, so stick around till the end to know whether this website is legit or not.

Many people love playing games not necessary for a pro-gamer type. From the latest tech device games like PS Series to and Xbox to old school Nintendo games everything is available in this US-based website, also available in the United Kingdom.

Let’s learn more.

What is Ukswitchshop?

Ukswitchshop is an online retail web-store dedicated only to gaming devices. The website is launched just a few days back and is based in the United States. Is Ukswitchshop com Legit discovers that HTTPS was detected on this website which is a plus point for the website as HTTPS is a protection for the users, which helps them dodge any middle man attacks?

Let’s find out more about the website in the specifications.

Specifications of the website

  • The website can be accessed via
  • The website is launched on 9th November 2020.
  • The web-store is a game-centric store.
  • The contact details are mentioned on the website, an email address is, and the contact number is (925) 998-0362.
  • The physical address of the warehouse is also mentioned, i.e. 3777 Newton Way, Pleasanton, California, 94588, USA.
  • Ukswitchshop com Reviews has space for reviews on the website.
  • Worldwide shipping is available, including the United Kingdom.
  • A shipping fee of $10 on domestic and $40 for international shipping is availed.
  • Fourteen days return, and exchange policy is available for all buyers.
  • Warranty of 30 days is offered on all the products purchased.
  • Various payments modes are available like PayPal, and also credit cards like Visa, Master card are accepted. 


  • Discounts and offers are available during sales.
  • Purchasing of above $40 avails free shipping.
  • All types of gaming devices are available on the website. 


  • Warranty of only 30 days is available for any product purchased.
  •  Ukswitchshop com Reviews reveals that there is not much traffic found on the website.
  • Order purchased may take up to 5 weeks for delivery.
  • If a product is returned, then the shipping charge is deducted from the purchaser. 

Is the website legit or not?

Here is the biggest question, is the website legit? Well, any website whose age is less than six months is highly suspicious. And as mentioned, this website is launched just four days back. The website is secured with HTTPS, but it’s too early to judge or say anything about the website.

The website has no social media links or presence as yet. Is Ukswitchshop com Legit reveals that the thing which sounds fishy is that the website being launched only four days prior has some reviews already on the website as noticed which is very suspicious? 

There are no reviews on the internet about it or anything in the news. They did mention the physical address of the warehouse, but after research, the address does exist, which can be a good sign but at this stage, establishing or claiming any legitimacy is too early. 

What are people saying about the website?

There are no reviews on the internet about this website, and as they have no social media presence, it’s hard to determine whether people are even aware of this website. Is Ukswitchshop com Legit asserts that the reviews mentioned on the official website cannot be considered as they can be bot or fake. 

Having no social media is also a drawback as even if the website is recently launched, having a social media presence gives the web-store a sort of authenticity.


With this we reach to a conclusion, the web-store is recently launched it’s hard to determine anything. It’s better to wait for a while for some reviews to come out on the internet.

Purchasing anything so early can be risky, and you may lose your money and time. But even if still people are interested in buying anything looking at the aesthetics then we can only suggest you do to proper research before planning any purchase from this web-store.

Please tell us your views on this Ukswitchshop com Reviews in the comments section below. 

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  1. I tried to contact them but they kept cancelling my calls and not answering my emails for 3 days, all i need is a refund for a ps4 they already took the money out so i just have to wait for the PS4 and sell it on CEX if it even comes

  2. I ordered a PlayStation 5 from website last night have received no response from them and money taken out quickly emails keep coming back saying its not an email address

    1. good evening i also bought a friday playstation 5 i am writing to email in and still getting it back i’m a hundred unhappy i had it for my son’s birthday

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