Everylegalvotecounts com {Nov} Understand the Website!

Everylegalvotecounts com {Nov} Understand the Website!

Everylegalvotecounts com {Nov} Understand the Website! >> Now check a website to understand the mechanism of voting in the US. You will find relevant information on the clash between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

Are you searching for a legit portal to understand the presidential fight between the candidates? Everylegalvotecounts Com is a website that showcases case studies and possibilities of voting scam running in the US. 

Voting, as we all are aware, means- an expression of preference or opinion of citizens. For a democratic country to run legally, rightly, and constitutionally every citizen’s mindset is essential. And that’s where comes the Right to Vote. 

In a country like the United States, there was a time when voting was not a privilege for all. After several amendments till 1971, all the citizens above 18 were given the right to vote.

What is Everylegalvotecounts?

In the Presidential Election 2020, it was a rigorous fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The elaborated details can be cross-checked on everylegalvotecounts.com. After the announcement of Biden’s victory this year, Trump took a legal challenge approach for suspicious fraud in voting. Also, a part of the American population feels that the voting process was not fair.

What’s more? 

You can learn more about the voting scam in this post to broaden your knowledge on such topics. The website was registered on 6th November 2020, which means it is recently created. Upon checking the website, we learned voting scam mechanisms and how the stats are changed for both leaders. However, the site needs time for development, or maybe the United States’ creator is yet to upload data.

How the Everylegalvotecounts com emerged?

There have been a few incidents and accusations of cheating in the vote counting. In the light of which people from specific communities grouped to form such sites for awareness. Therefore, as of this moment, it is nearly impossible for us to reveal precisely how and why the site and its content emerged. The background does not show many details to back-up the emergence aspect. 

Known About the Fraud Primer:

Fraud is happening everyday on all grounds. However, political frauds are prevalent and tricky to understand. Facebook and Twitter are the two sources where such allegation are extensively seen. After the US’s held elections, these two social platforms are showing outrage among the supporters and voters.  

The everylegalvotecounts.com is nothing but a portal that showcases the difference between votes of Biden and Trump. It asks you to join hands in appealing vote re-counting. The site has also elaborated how voting frauds are carried out in the ballots. It is also targeting republicans for supporting Joe Biden. Many analysts are proffering that Trump disturbed the winning equation by pre-claiming the presidential position.  

Below are some points that you search on google to know more. These aspects will broaden your understanding of the fraud mechanism on political grounds. They are: 

  • Vote changing
  • Too many voters
  • Stopping the count
  • Statistical analysis
  • No witnesses allowed
  • Media fraud
  • Mail-in ballots
  • Imbalanced votes
  • Dead people voting
  • Ballot mishandling

Voters’ Reviews about Everylegalvotecounts com

Because the site is newly created and only registered six days before, it doesn’t show details about the owner. However, the statistics are clear about the counted votes based on the scam, non-scam, and potential. One can have a clue from the site name that it may be related to votes and their counting. 

What are the legitimacy grounds?

Without any data on the website, it is hard for us to say anything about it right now. So, there is zero reviews available to infer anything about Everylegalvotecounts comNevertheless, you can check the statistics and methods of voting scams that are prevailing in the Politics industry.  There have been many accusations made by the leaders. However, many supporters are also making claims that Joe Biden and republicans have done voting frauds.

Final Verdict 

As per the information available on this site, we cannot say much about its content. This site is created on 6th November 2020. People are creating such sites under different spellings and names, amid all the speculations regarding frauds in counting votes. However, this site poses voting statistics on many grounds to showcase how might have won the elections without voting frauds. 

We hope the article helped you all in some way. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information on it. If you have any clue on the content of Everylegalvotecounts Com, please share it with us by writing down in our feedback section. It would be helpful to know your experience with it. 

0 thoughts on “Everylegalvotecounts com {Nov} Understand the Website!

  1. In the State of Arizona, which was called very early in the process, I noticed one thing that really made little to no sense to me regarding the vote totals.
    We had 2 state wide propositions and 9 district congressional races plus the Presidency and the Senate.
    Prop 207 legalization of Pot for recreational use – Total votes as of 11/6 was 2,950,210
    Prop 208 increase taxes for high wage earners – Total votes as of 11/6 was 2,933,874
    US House (9) seats – Total Vote count as of 11/6 was 2,962,600
    However the total vote count for the Senate race was 3,034,874
    and the Presidency total vote count was 3,059,127
    It would appear to me the influx of votes were input early to flip the senate seat and win the presidency for the Democratic party. Given our Secretary of State is a Democrat and has referred to President Trump as a Neo Nazi, I am concerned she will certify the vote with little regard of the disparity of vote counts between Congressional seats and the Senate seat as well as the presidency for Arizona

  2. I Mary E. Ernst live and use my address a Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth PA 18064 to vote.
    I was going to vote republican on this new type touch machine however the first two names
    were Biden Trump. I voted for Trump, the next several were for state representatives.
    The machine suddenly stopped on my third touch. The polling woman comes in and said
    “I don’t know what I’m doing” . She asked for help but no one knew what to do . She then made
    a phone call and got some instructions. There were only two machines and after fifteen minutes
    a long line began to form. Finally she cancelled Trumps name and said ” Is this what you want”
    and I said no I voted for Trump. Then she more corrections and asked me once again if everything
    was correct. To this day, I’m not sure my vote was tabulated correctly………..

    Make America Great Again

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