Turkana Human Cause of Death (August) Know The Reason!

Turkana Human Cause of Death (August) Know The Reason!

Turkana Human Cause of Death (August) Know The Reason! >> Please read this write-up to know the reason behind the decease of a being belonging to an extinct Homo species.

Does palaeontology interest you, and do you want to find out more about our ancestors? Did you recently come across the news about a fossil while surfing the Internet? Then, please read this article to travel back to prehistoric times and be aware of the Turkana Human Cause of Death, which people worldwide, including South Africa, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, are eager to determine. 

Who Was Turkana Human

Turkana Human, alias Turkana Boy or Nariokotome Boy, was a lad in his pre-teens, who was alive around 1.6 million years before the current date. The concerned department coined his fossil as KNM-WT 15000, an almost entire skeletal structure belonging to Homo ergaster, the extinct subspecies of obsolete humans. The skeleton was found by renowned fossil collector Kamoya Kimeu in Kenya near the Nariokotome River in 1984. Please continue reading to find out about the Turkana Human Cause of Death.

Condition Of The Specimen

As per the studies, the age of the discussed boy was in the range of seven to eleven at the time of demise. He was 1.6 meters in height, 48 kg in weight, and the pelvic structure suggests that he might belong to the male gender. The specimen discovered comprises 108 bones with some characteristics not prevalent in the Homo Sapiens, like the lack of chin and slanting forehead. Nonetheless, a larger brain, long nose, and long arms and legs imply that he had a connection with the human species instead of the apes. 

Turkana Human Cause of Death

The reasons why the Turkana Human died have been attributed to several factors as discussed below.

  • Lumbar spinal injury – The being could have undergone a condition of slipped discs in the lower part of his spinal cord that turned fatal. 
  • Osteolysis – The Turkana Boy has a disordered mandible which implies the destruction of the bony tissue that could lead to this death. 
  • Septicaemia – The jaw structure of the skeleton portrays the absence of one of his baby teeth molars. Thus, another factor behind the decease of the Turkana Human could be blood poisoning.  

Was The Turkana Human Attacked

The Turkana Human Cause of Death did have the chances of being associated with an attack by a savage creature since the humans of prehistoric times primarily lived by hunting and feeding on carnivorous animals. However, the experts ruled this probability out as the skeletal structure that the fossil gatherer discovered was more or less in totality, without any signs of damage or attack by a predator. Therefore, the ancient being died due to one of the physical diseases, as mentioned in the previous section. 


Based on our findings over the Web, we have mentioned the various possibilities of the Turkana Human Cause of Death in this article. It might interest you to find out more about the Homo ergaster species  to which the subject boy belonged. 

Have you ever seen any fossils kept at museums? Please let us know in the comments section. 

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