Ducey Press Conference {Mar} New Guideline for Covid-19!

Ducey Press Conference {Mar} New Guideline for Covid-19!

Ducey Press Conference {Mar} New Guideline for Covid-19!>> Confused about the latest covid-19 guideline in your province? Read the article below to get all the detail.

The year 2020 will be remembered as the coronavirus pandemic and how different head of state and province managed their affair by communicating with citizens with a press release and conferences. The image of President Donald Trump and his team conducting a daily press conference and answering the query of a journalist is still fresh in the memory of United States citizens.

Time has changed, and people are getting vaccinated in a phased manner depending on their age and illness. During the vaccination stage, Ducey Press Conference has attracted many health expert and policymakers in the country.

This article will discuss the press release content and how health expert and policymakers are seeing it from their perspective.

Who is Doug Ducey?

Doug Ducey is the Republican governor of Arizona and was in the news for not following harsh lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic. It has led to strong criticism of the governor by experts in media as many people died of the pandemic.

Again he is in the news during the vaccination drive in the province as many people think that removal of covid-19 restriction at this stage might increase the number of infected cases.

What is Ducey Press Conference?

Ducey has conducted several press conferences during the pandemic to make the press and public aware of government guidelines and policies. His latest meeting claimed that almost 3 million vaccine doses had been administered to people of Arizona, United States.

With people getting vaccinated and the death number for coronavirus patient declining, the governor decided to ease some of the covid-19 guidelines for the province. The annual state fair is back this year, in which around 1 million people take part, but there is no update on the venue yet.

Restriction on Arizona business and the related event is lifted, bars have been given the go-ahead to resume operations, cities and counties have been stripped of their power to enforce mask mandate.

What is public opinion of the Ducey Press Conference?

Ducey may have taken his second dose of coronavirus vaccine, but only 1.2 million out of 7.55 million Arizona people have been vaccinated till now. Removing mask enforcing guidelines and removing government approval for event gathering more than fifty people may be a little early.

As many countries are seeing the new wave of coronavirus infection on the rise, Ducey could have waited for some more time. According to epidemiologists, around seventy-five per cent of Arizona people needs to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity, and only 20 % has been vaccinated till now.

So there is still a long way to go for Arizona to feel safe, but Ducey Press Conference has another story to tell.

Final verdict:

In comparison to last year, we are definitely in a better spot as the vaccination drive is slowly going on throughout the world. 

Although America is doing very well and has started vaccinating people above sixteen years of age, there is still a long way ahead as only 20% has been vaccinated until now in Arizona. For getting herd immunity, 55% more needs to be given the dose.

If you have any viewpoint on the lifting of covid-19 restriction during vaccination drive, please share it in the comment section and write your opinion about Ducey Press Conference below.

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